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Finding The Right Bass Fishing Net For The Job

Finding The Right Bass Fishing Net For The Job
May 19, 2022

By: Dylan Hayward

Sometimes people overlook the importance of bringing a fishing net with them on their excursions. My guess would be that they feel they can adequately land the fish as well as release the fish without the use of a net. Plus, it’s one less thing you have to lug around as you're going from spot to spot. While I am always for conserving space so that you don’t have to carry around a bunch of unnecessary items, trust me, this is not the item that you want to do without.

If you’re an avid bass angler like myself, you know the pain of hooking a toad, having a beautiful fight with him, and just as you get him to the boat, he’s off. I would compare this feeling to shooting just over a deer's back, having a longbeard Tom stay right at 60 yards, or maybe even your prom date backing out at the last second and going with someone else (shit happens).

A lot of that pain and agony can be avoided by bringing a reliable net with you on your next bass fishing trip. But all nets are not created equal, as some designs work better than others. It’s also important that you bring the right sized net with you. Bringing a brook trout net with you when you’re fishing for lunker largemouth would be just as useless as not having a net at all.

Not only will the right net help you land your trophy bass, but it’s also a lot safer for the fish and ensures a healthy release. There are several nets on the market that offer a rubber net which is much more gentle on the fish. This is incredibly important when catching trout but also should be utilized on largemouth and smallies.

Perfect Hatch makes a fantastic wood laminate net that I use when I’m on the stream going after trout, or when I’m at my pond trying to land a largemouth. It’s no secret that as fishermen, we put our nets through some tough conditions. So having a wood net saves me the headache of worrying about how worn out my net is getting. This net is made out of a premium wood laminate that will last many years through some tough conditions.

If using a wood net isn’t your thing, or if you’re looking for an extremely lightweight net to pack in, Perfect Hatch also makes a collapsible aluminum net that weighs next to nothing and can be easily compacted down to fourteen inches for those people who are trying to conserve space, without compromising on the quality.

When extended, which can be done in a matter of seconds through a simple flick of the wrist, the net boasts an impressive 23 inches in length, which is extremely useful for those tougher landings whether you’re on the boat or wading. Whenever I go on a spur of the moment trip, or maybe just trying to catch the last daylight hour of fishing after work, this is the net that I take with me.

As outdoorsmen, it’s important that we invest in the right gear to ensure our success. It’s no different than a professional football player choosing the best cleats, or a racecar driver investing into his vehicle. When you’re out on the water chasing that trophy bass, you’ll be thankful that you have the best gear to help you be successful.

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