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  • Bass Fishing with Spinnerbait: Presentation & Retrieval Tips

Bass Fishing with Spinnerbait: Presentation & Retrieval Tips

Bass Fishing with Spinnerbait: Presentation & Retrieval Tips
June 21, 2021

GoWild Team Member, Jacob Knight, brings us back to his pond to share how to choose which spinnerbait to use depending on water clarity and some tips on how to retrieve a spinnerbait. The spinnerbait blades and trailers you choose will make a big difference on how well you're able to pull in those nice Summer bass. 

In week 2 of the GoWild Bass Fishing tournament, anglers are encouraged to use Spinnerbaits.

You can join the GoWild Bass Fishing tournament any time during the tournament. All skill levels are welcome! Compete for weekly prizes and one grand prize featuring a Garmin Instinct, Rod & Reel package, lure package and GoWild Gear. Sign up to join the GoWild Bass Fishing tournament. The tournament runs from June 14th - July 11th, 2021.

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Jacob: All right it's week two the go wild bass fishing tournament and so we're gonna be fishing spinner baits the one that i've got here is the chartreuse and white it's a go-to color combination for uh anywhere you're gonna be fishing a spinnerbait the blades as you're selecting your spinnerbait are a little bit important the bigger colorado blades would do a lot more thumping as it goes through the water where the willow blades are a little bit more subtle but can also give you a little bit more flash so selecting your blades kind of becomes important on the water clarity and the time of day you're fishing that kind of stuff i'll fish a dark black and blue with a big uh colorado blade at night just to get an extra thump going and you'll notice on this one i've got a trailer i don't always fish them with trailers but you can throw a little this is like a little paddle tail grub trailer on here some people throw a paddle tail swimbait something like that so you can throw it with a trailer or not typically when i'm fishing these i'm going to be throwing them letting them sink for just a hair of a second and reeling it back kind of fast across the upper part of the water column or i might let it drop down for a little bit and then reel it up let it dive again and let it reel up let it dive again so you can kind of fish it a couple different ways as far as fishing around structure clearly this is going to get hung up in some trees but you want to bring it back past that structure not through it and the fish will be you know positioned up in that structure and come out and hit it so you can vary your speed on the retrieve with these two to where you can do as a slow roll so you kind of just gradually bring it up and across the bottom or you can burn them like i was saying where you just let it sit for a couple seconds and just reel it straight back to you we've got a couple options down in the show notes so things are you know that like they've been all year they're a little hard to find in stock uh we've got a couple options down there for you definitely recommend chartreuse and white solid white and black are kind of the go-to colors for me

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