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  • Bass Fishing with Senkos: Tips for Rigging & Retrieval

Bass Fishing with Senkos: Tips for Rigging & Retrieval

Bass Fishing with Senkos: Tips for Rigging & Retrieval
June 11, 2021

GoWild Team Member, Jacob Knight, takes us out on his pond to give some helpful tips on how to wacky rig and texas rig a Senko. Jacob also explains how to retrieve a wacky rigged Senko for bass fishing, how to retrieve a texas rigged Senko and options for weights on each. Plus he gives insights on which color senkos to use for morning and evening bass fishing. In week 1 of the GoWild Bass Fishing tournament, anglers are encouraged to use Senkos or stickbaits.

You can join the GoWild Bass Fishing tournament any time during the tournament. All skill levels are welcome! Compete for weekly prizes and one grand prize featuring a Garmin Instinct, Rod & Reel package, lure package and GoWild Gear. Sign up to join the GoWild Bass Fishing tournament. The tournament runs from June 14th - July 11th, 2021.

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Jacob: Hey thanks for joining us for the GoWild bass fishing tournament for 2021. We're going to be doing tips and tricks on each lure that we're going to use each week of the tournament and so we're going to go through the best ways to fish them the best ways to rig them to get you guys in the best position to go out and catch some fish and hopefully win some prizes so the first week that we're going to be fishing is a stick bait or a Senko this is a very common lure no matter where you go what water you're fishing it's it's a go-to for me especially when the bite gets tough I can always go to a wacky rigged Senko so we're gonna talk through the best way to rig it and the tips on how to fish it so the number one way that I'm gonna rig a stick baiter Senko is wacky rig and there's a couple different ways to do that I suggest getting an actual wacky hook if you can I also use the little rubber o-rings to put on the worms you can get a little bit of extra life out of the soft plastic itself but the easiest way to do it is you just take the hook you put it right through the middle of the body pull it onto the hook that way and you just fish it straight up like that very easy way to rig it very easy way to fish it the other way that you can do it is to use an ewg extra wide gap worm hook this is I believe a one ought you can go anywhere one ought to three yachts somewhere in that neighborhood but you're gonna rig it straight through the nose of the worm go in about half an inch or so up the end of the hook straighten it out and I actually cover up the knot on my line so I go up past the the eye of the hook and then if you line up where that hook is going to go through the worm stick it straight up through the meat out the top and you can just skin tag the top part there so that will help it stay a little bit more weedless as it's going through the grass or any kind of cover that you're fishing the other way that you can fish this is you can throw a bullet weight whether it be lead or tungsten out in front of that you can peg that weight so it's not moving around or you can let it freely move on the line so those are two really easy ways to fish the Senko both of them are great kind of depends on how the fish are reacting you can kind of adjust start with weight take the weight off if they're not biting it and fish it a little slower when it's weightless all right so we talked about the best ways to rig the stick bait or Senko and so we're going to talk a little bit about how to fish it I would recommend if you're going to fish it wacky that you just cast around what looks like a good fishy area so that it's around grass lines around structures especially up under overhanging trees and that kind of stuff in ponds you know if you're fishing a lake you can fish it a little bit deeper and let it fall down in but when it's wacky rigged you literally just let it sink very slowly like this and it'll kind of wiggle as it's drifting down it's a very slow way to fish it but the fish seem to like it that way now when you're Texas rigging it weightless you kind of fish it in a similar manner just very slow around the suspected fish areas and then if you got it weighted you can drag it along the bottom kind of fish it more like a traditional Texas rig worm where you can work it a lot more aggressively through some of the grass and the cover on the bottom but you know my favorite way is always to wacky rig it and I seem to get most of my bites that way if I'm not catching fish any day or if I just got a few minutes and I want to go catch something Senko is where I'm going it's my favorite all right so good luck in week one of the fishing tournament make sure you tag your Senko that you're using or your stick bait in your post when you're tagging the trophy and good luck.


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