5 Steps to Lose a Turkey

5 Steps to Lose a Turkey
January 15, 2023

by Jeremy Koerber, Fit to Hunt

The average weight of an adult, hen turkey is 8 to 12 pounds and if you are 8 to 12 pounds lighter by the time your state’s spring turkey season opens, you will have more energy, move better, be healthier and increase your odds of filling a tag. Here are five steps you can implement today that can help you lose a turkey in eight weeks!

Step 1: Replace an item

It is a well-known fact in coaching circles that diets do not work. Every person who goes on a diet eventually goes off that diet and subsequently, gains the original weight back plus more. Sustainable lifestyle habits are the key and step one in losing a turkey is to replace one questionable food item with a smart, healthy one. This can be simple. If you drink two to three sodas per day, switch out two sodas with water. If you always eat a candy bar at 3 pm, replace it with a cup of Greek yogurt. You aren’t changing everything about what and how you eat in one day. Start with one item.

Step 2: Move more

The vast majority of fitness info on the internet is sexy but it is a myth. These programs, brought to you really buff-looking people, trick you into thinking you have to be smashing yourself daily in order to see real results. There is nothing wrong with smashing a workout; we do it all the time at #FitToHunt, but the average beginner and some experienced exercisers cannot withstand that level of intensity on a daily basis. What it takes to boost performance and drop weight can be as simple as taking a daily walk, and it can start with as little as ten minutes per day. Fitness is cumulative and linear. Start small, be consistent, and let the scale tell you when you need to add more. The sky is the limit here. You have time. You cannot force fitness, so do not try it.

Step 3: Surround yourself with people who get it

We are who we hang out with. This is one of the coolest features of GoWild; we are surrounding ourselves with friends who live the outdoor lifestyle. Now you need to take that same approach and hang out with people who make physical activity, nutrition, mental health/stress management, and other areas of wellness a priority. You will learn from and emulate their habits and it will happen organically. Pretty soon you will find yourself exercising more, trying new things, and eating cleaner foods.

Step 4: Fidget throughout the day

You can smash the gym workout but if you sit for the next nine hours, you are fighting an uphill battle. Consider a walking meeting. We have gotten good at Zoom so why not take that call on the walking trail or treadmill? Stand while you finish that report vs. sitting. And yes, take the stairs when you have stairs to climb. More steps in the day and calories burned just by living life add up.

Step 5: Reassess and add as needed

Were you successful in replacing an unhealthy snack with a smart one? Great, what is the next thing you can do to improve your nutrition? You have been walking daily and have increased the duration from ten minutes to 20. Is it time to add strength training into the mix? This approach allows you to slowly add healthier habits in a manner that your brain can assimilate. Too much too soon almost always results in failure, but if you are willing to think through your lifestyle habits and add as appropriate, in eight weeks you can see some pretty amazing results. And they are not temporary results like going on the latest fad diet. These are real, ingrained habits.

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Good luck dropping that turkey and Stay #FitToHunt

Coach Jeremy

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