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3 Ways to Take Your Scent Control to the Next Level | Hunting Tips

3 Ways to Take Your Scent Control to the Next Level | Hunting Tips
October 19, 2023

Written by Will Bowen

Any deer hunter worth their salt knows the one thing that can ruin a hunt quicker than anything else. If you said the breakfast burrito from the questionable gas station down the road you might not be wrong, but I’m referring to poor scent control and poor scent awareness. A buck’s nose is his most important tool. It works effortlessly, bringing his attention to any questionable danger. So, when it comes to deer hunting and tricking big bucks into shooting range, you first have to beat his nose. 

I tend to fall into the camp of “nothing beats a deer’s nose better than a good wind direction,” but in the last few years I’ve had the chance to use various scent control products, and my mind is changing. Fooling a deer’s nose can be tricky and some see it as an impossible task, but the goal is to mask yourself enough to keep your cover. There are some really good products out there that can help with this and I see a good scent control regimen as an added bonus to good wind awareness. When it comes to putting the odds in your favor every percentage point counts, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

Yes, proper scent control needs to happen in the field, but it should always start before the hunt. Take your scent control to the next level this year and prepare at home before every hunt. If you need help finding what will help you, Dead Down Wind has you covered. 

1. Neutralize Your Body’s Scent

When it comes to developing a proper scent control regimen, you have to start with your body. Your skin, your hair, even your breath can pass foreign odors throughout the deer woods. If you want your scent control to be thorough that means you have to start at the base. This means showering with scent-free shampoos and body washes and brushing your teeth with scent-free toothpaste. I know some die-hard hunters that only use scent-free products during the season, since you never know when you might make an impromptu hunt!

Scent Control in the Shower

Dead Down Wind has you covered when it comes to bathing and grooming needs. They offer a Body and Hair Soap to use in the shower, with its 2-in-1 formula that uses natural enzymes to eliminate odors. They also have a Rinse-Free Body and Hair Wash for when a shower just isn’t possible. Finally, you can add Dead Down Wind’s toothpaste to your comprehensive scent control arsenal, which has no odor and doesn’t leave a bad taste!

2. Neutralize Your Hunting Clothing’s Scent

Your clothes are one of the biggest collectors and therefore distributors of foreign scent. Along with your human scent, odors like gasoline, perfumes and smoke radiate from your clothes. Just imagine yourself as a large scented candle in the tree with your scent covering a large swath as the wind blows. This is very counterproductive to your hunt. Since you’ve taken the steps to eliminate extra odors from your skin, it’s now time to do the same with your clothes. 

Laundry Essentials

Dead Down Wind’s laundry detergent is a great place to start. It uses multiple enzymes to eliminate odors and stains. It is safe for use on a variety of garments, even those with carbon or synthetic materials. It won’t fade your camouflage either! And don’t forget Dead Down Wind’s dryer sheets to further eliminate odors and prevent static build-up in your clothes. 

3. Store Your Hunting Gear Properly for Better Scent Control

When discussing proper scent control, you can’t ignore clothing and gear storage. You go through all of this hard work to wash and dry your clothes with scent-free soaps, you can’t just throw them in a regular closet with your other clothes. Hunting clothes and boots need to be stored properly to maintain their neutralization. The best way to do this is in air-tight containers with some kind of ozone unit. 

Ozone Travel Unit

Dead Down Wind’s gear storage products are second to none. Check out their portable gear closet and scent control bags for optimum, air-tight storage. Pair these with the portable ozone unit for maximum odor neutralization. The gear closet is collapsible, portable, and roomy. The ozone unit is rechargeable and is rated for over 100 cubic feet. Dead Down Wind ensures that their scent control products are not only effective, they are also user friendly. 


The scent control product market is growing more and more every year. No, this isn’t a marketing ploy to gain hunters’ dollars. These products are useful and can up your odds at a nice buck this season. If you are looking to step up your game this fall, check out Dead Down Wind’s scent control and scent elimination products. You won’t be disappointed!

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