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2nd Annual National Conservation Week

2nd Annual National Conservation Week
August 16, 2019
2nd Annual Conservation Week HSCF

Houston Safari Club Foundation Announces
2nd Annual National Conservation Week

We've partnered with HSCF again to promote an entire week dedicated to educating hunters & anglers on how to get involved and make an impact beyond their dollars.

Calling All Hunters & Anglers: Take Action The Week Of Aug.18

Conservation can and should go beyond buying a hunting or fishing license. And one of the best ways we can all help is with our time.

Houston Safari Club Foundation and GoWild™ have once again teamed up to promote an entire week dedicated to educating hunters and anglers on how to get involved and make an impact beyond their dollars.

"This week allows us to push beyond our license dollars to encourage folks to get out and enjoy nature while getting our hands dirty for the right reasons.”
“Conservation has a unique definition to each and every hunter and angler,” said Joe Betar, Executive Director of Houston Safari Club Foundation. “Our goal with this week is to get people involved in whatever area they’re passionate about, because together, we can really make an impact overall.”

Houston Safari Club Foundation’s mission is to preserve the sport of hunting through education, conservation and the promotion of hunting heritage. While the group is based in Texas, its reach and impact extends far beyond the Lone Star State. HSCF believes National Conservation Week poses a chance for hunters and anglers nationwide to band together and make an impact.

"What does it mean to be a conservationist?” said Brad Luttrell, Co-Founder, CEO of GoWild. “It means something a little different to each person I talk to, but one thing is clear to me: We should all be pushing beyond our license dollars to earn that title. It's our hope that this week encourages people to think through how they can make an impact.”

Date & Details on How to Get Involved

You can get involved with National Conservation Week, August 18-24th. Your effort could be clearing trails, stream cleanups, planting trees, assisting with animal counts, habitat improvements, or fish sampling. And there are dozens more ways.

Volunteers are encouraged to check their state’s fish and wildlife agency’s website for local opportunities. Many states have sections outlining areas where they need help.

Triple Action: Surge Points Are BACK

GoWild will give Surge Points (3X points) to any users logging "Conservation Efforts" during this week.

Tips for making the first National Conservation Week a success!

  • Reach out to your state's fish and wildlife agency for help or ideas. Many have ways you can help right now listed on their websites.

  • If you're connected to a group like Houston Safari Club Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited or National Wild Turkey Foundation, check their websites or reach out to a representative to see how you can make an impact through volunteering.

  • Grab some friends and get outside. A stream or habitat cleanup can be fun as a team outing for your company or a weekend event for your friends! Just make sure you're following the state's guidelines on access.

Check out these resources for localized info: FWS Offices and Fish & Wildlife Membership

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