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  • Coming Soon: GoWild + MTNTOUGH Fitness Challenge

Coming Soon: GoWild + MTNTOUGH Fitness Challenge

Coming Soon: GoWild + MTNTOUGH Fitness Challenge
January 8, 2024

Workout with GoWild and MTNTOUGH!

On January 15th we are launching a 4-week fitness program with the folks at MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab to get us and you ready for some run and gun this turkey season with the GoWild Challenge!

The GoWild Challenge is a program designed in partnership with the folks at MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab. Participants can access the GoWild Challenge (and dozens of other workout programs) through the MTNTOUGH+ app. The program contains instructional, step-by-step videos to guide you through each workout with two different functional movements performed each day, Monday through Saturday for 4 weeks. No gear is required and each week you will increase the reps on each movement. You will be amazed by your progress!

Participants can start on any day, at any time during the 4-week challenge.

The GoWild Team and other GoWild members will be collectively participating in this program. Check GoWild as the program is running to see everyone's progress, participation and log your workouts. Be sure to tag @MTNTOUGH and @GoWild in your time logs! Don't forget, members earn 10 Reward points for every hour logged to use towards free gear, discounts and more.

This year, the GoWild member with the most participation in the program (logging time, tagging @GoWild and @mtntough in posts) will receive a LIFETIME MTNTOUGH SUBSCRIPTION!

Starting January 9, you can access the GoWild Challenge using the MTNTOUGH+ app. GoWild members can access all MTNTOUGH programs for FREE for one month using code GOWILD30. You will be required to put in payment information, but you will not be charged when you input the promo code.

Let us know in a GoWild post that you’re joining us! Then, each time you do a workout, tag @GoWild and @MTNTOUGH and let us know how it’s going.

MTNTOUGH+ is the fitness app trusted by the dedicated. Build mental toughness, pack on muscle, and improve your endurance anytime, anywhere with no equipment or a full gym. The MTNTOUGH+ app allows you to train on your time, your way from your phone, tablet, tv or web. 

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