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  • 2022 Staff Picks: Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Staff Picks: Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Staff Picks: Holiday Gift Guide
November 14, 2022

If you're struggling for gift ideas for the outdoorsman or woman in your life, we've got you! The GoWild team has picked out the perfect gifts for any hunter, angler, hiker and outdoor enthusiast in your life. See what the GoWild team has their eyes on this holiday season!

Donovan - Streamlight Microstream USB Flashlight

"Streamlight is a no-brainer if you are in need of an EDC flashlight."
Donovan, Cofounder, Chief Product Design

Compact and rechargeable, the Macrostream easily fits in the palm of your hand or in your pocket. The internally-charged lithium-ion battery charges in 4 hours and includes an indicator to let you know when charging is complete. A removable pocket clip also fits onto the brim of hats for hands free use.


Chris - Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Person Tent

"I went on a camping trip recently, and had a realization that our tent is 10 years old and wasn't exactly ideal for 2 adults, a child and 2 dogs. Time for an upgrade." - Chris, Co-Founder, Chief Development Officer

The Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Person Tent is a backpacking tent for yourself and your family or a few friends. The main body is mostly mesh, while the bathtub-style floor helps keep water out. Inside, pockets in corners and up above keep small things off the ground, so you can sleep soundly without rolling over onto a headlamp.


Jackie - Toadfish Non-Tipping Can Cooler


"This is the perfect gift for anyone that loves drinking outside, anywhere." 
- Jackie, Project Coordinator

The Non-Tipping Can Cooler is the first of its kind, an un-spillable beverage cooler. Our innovative SmartGrip technology allows the Can Cooler to stick to any smooth surface. From a lack of cup holders on a rocking boat to wagging dog tails, this product will keep your drink upright, accident-free, and icy cold. 


Brayden - BigShot Titan Broadhead Target

"I really need an upgraded target. The cool thing about this one is I can shoot it with my broadheads as well as my field points. Anyone that shoots their bow a decent amount would be stoked to have a block like this."
- Brayden, Growth Specialist

Titan methodically prepares you for hunting success with five specific target faces designed for each phase of your shooting experience and it’s unique tapered design conserves space for traveling and storage. The taper also positions the target face perpendicular to your shooting plane for better target acquisition. 


Dan - Irish Setter Boots PINNACLE Men's 7-inch Waterproof Leather Boot

"The higher quality of boot, the longer you can stay out in the woods."
- Dan, Director of eCommerce Operations

Bust cover in the Pinnacle 7-inch waterproof leather hunting boot with Earth Field Camouflage. The exclusive Field camo leather is made in Red Wing, Minnesota, and features a natural earth pattern for versatility in any terrain. 


Brad - GoWild Ditch Pickle Bass Bundle

"I love the bass bundle because it gives me a ton of options. I recently caught my PB on the jig in this kit!"
- Brad, Cofounder, CEO

This bundle is a combination of some of GoWild's best performing bass fishing gear! We curated a list of gear based on posts and trophies logged by GoWild members and expert feedback from team GoWild's pro angler. All that input helped us find the perfect bass fishing gear lineup to make those Ditch Pickles pucker up. This limited edition bass box comes with access to how-to videos, content, and more.


Alex - Vortex Optics Diamondback HD 10X28 Binoculars

"Binoculars make great gifts regardless of who you are shopping for, and these come at a reasonable price backed by tons of great reviews." 
- Alex, Senior Software Engineer

Everything about the Vortex Diamondback® HD 10X28 is about sharpness, comfort, and maximum visibility. These binos are shockproof, waterproof, fogproof and compact. Your glass is critical to your adventure and when you rely on it to perform it needs to be up to the task every time.


Ben - HybridLight Puc Expandable Lantern / Charger

"The HybridLight Puc is a good stocking stuffer gift especially for camping being a light and phone charger combo." 
- Ben, Senior Backend Developer

The Puc Expandable Lantern is a portable and lightweight lantern that can also double as a flashlight when collapsed. It’s a versatile, water-resistant lantern that shines at 150 lumens. You’ll get 40 hours of light on one full charge from the 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery (holds a charge for 7 years).

Arica - Tactacam External Solar Panel for Trail Cam

"Replacing batteries in all my trail cams gets expensive. Just invest in these once and you'll not be wasting money on batteries again." 
-Arica, Director of Member Experiences

Reveal by Tactacam’s 12-volt External Solar Panel with integrated rechargeable Lithium battery is designed to provide power to all brands of Trail Cameras – even if the host camera batteries are dead.


 Jacob - Down by the River - Children's Book


"This is a staple night time reading book for my kids. The illustrations and story can't be beat."
- Jacob, Director of Strategic Partnerships

One beautiful autumn day, Art sets out with his mother and grandfather for a fishing trip. Fishing days are Art’s favorite. He loves learning the ropes from Grandpa—the different kinds of flies and tackle and the trout that frequent their favorite river. Art especially appreciates Grandpa’s stories. However, this time, hearing the story about Mom’s big catch on her first cast ever makes Art feel insecure about his own fishing skills.


Zack - Bone-Dri Handgun 2.0 Case

"This Bone Dri handgun case is great for storing guns and ammo in your vehicle during those hot summer months, especially in humid climates. With this case in my truck, I never have to worry about rust or moisture build up."
- Zack, Co-Founder, President

Unlike any other gun case brand, BONE-DRI cases are engineered with Absorbits ™ moisture-removal technology to store and protect your firearms from rust after exposure to moisture.

Constructed with heavy-duty industrial 800D PVC nylon and lockable Mil-Spec zipper sliders, this case easily withstands heavy wear and tear and is guaranteed for life.  


Arica - Arctic Shield Boot Insulators

"Nothing takes you out of the woods like painfully cold feet, these are a GAME CHANGER for hunting in the cold." 
-Arica, Director of Member Experiences

ArcticShield® boot insulators contain patented Retain™ heat retention technology, that captures greater than 90% of your body heat. They slip over your shoes or boots, keeping your feet warm so you can stay out longer. The ArcticShield boot insulators are lightweight and packable. They are a sure fit for any type of hunting or outdoor activity  – great for hunting, ice fishing, football games, tailgating and snowmobiling.


Jacob - Toadfish Non-Tipping Dog Bowl


"We have a large dog at our house that can sometimes be an aggressive eater, pushing his bowl all over the kitchen. I want this thing to lock the bowl in place and save the mess!"
- Jacob, Director of Strategic Partnerships

The Toadfish Non-Tipping Dog Bowl sticks to any smooth surface to prevent the inevitable dog bowl flip! When you want to pick it up for a refill, simply lift it straight up to release the suction.


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