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  • 2021 GoWild Bass Fishing Tournament

2021 GoWild Bass Fishing Tournament

2021 GoWild Bass Fishing Tournament
June 4, 2021

Tournament Dates: June 14th - July 11th, 2021

Enter the second annual GoWild Bass Fishing Tournament - a FREE, four week tournament available to anglers of all skill levels across the nation. With over $1000 in prizes - including lures, tackle, rod and reel combos, a Garmin Instinct and GoWild merch! The tournament kicks off June 14th but members can enter anytime during the tournament to start making your bass trophies eligible. Are you ready to sign up?

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Tournament Rules, Process & Prizes

GoWild members can enter the GoWild Bass Fishing Tournament for free any time during the four week competition. Only smallmouth and largemouth bass are eligible. Weekly prizes and grand prizes will be awarded to members based on longest length of fish. To enter a fish, members must take a photo of their fish on a rigid measuring device (see section below on Measuring for approved measuring devices) with our special icon, and log it as a trophy in GoWild and tag their lure used. Image, length and lure must be entered on your trophy to be eligible.

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Contestants must have a GoWild account to be able to log their catches in the app for the tournament.
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All contestants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, safety and conservation. GoWild members can sign up for the tournament at any time during the tournament period in the form above. Only smallmouth and largemouth bass trophies logged AFTER a member signs up for the tournament are eligible for the GoWild Bass Fishing Tournament.

Weekly Lure Challenge
The 2021 GoWild Bass Fishing Tournament lasts for four weeks. Each week anglers are encouraged to use a different lure to catch bass. This lure should be tagged in their trophy entry in the GoWild platform. Only artificial bait is allowed.

  • Week 1 Lure (June 14 - June 20): Senko/Stickbait

  • Week 2 Lure (June 21 - June 27): Spinnerbait

  • Week 3 Lure (June 28 - July 4): Frog

  • Week 4 (July 5 - July 11): Angler's Choice

Only largemouth and smallmouth bass species are eligible.

The GoWild Bass Fishing Tournament is based on length of fish in inches. We are using the “Catch-Measure-Photo-Log” method. That is, once you catch the fish, use a digital camera or smartphone to take a photo of the fish on a rigid measuring device alongside our special token. Then, log your trophy in GoWild with length specified, photo, and tag the lure you used on your trophy. 

A rigid measuring device must be used to measure your catch. This includes a bump board or a hard ruler. Measuring tape is not allowed. All measurements should be in inches (to the nearest quarter inch) and be measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail.
We recommend these measuring devices:

Frabill Expandable Bump Board

How to Properly Measure Fish for a Tournament:
The total length is the maximum length of the fish, with the mouth closed and the tail fin pinched together. The best way to obtain this length is to push the fish's snout up against a vertical surface with the mouth closed and the fish laying along a tape measure, then pinch the tail fin closed and determine the total length.Prior to getting a final measurement the caudal (tail) fin will be pinched shut.

Special Token
To verify fish have been caught during the tournament time period, members will be emailed a special token to download upon tournament sign-up. This icon must be printed out and fully displayed alongside the fish in the trophy photo to be qualified for the tournament.

How to Enter an Eligible Bass Catch into the Tournament

1. After you've caught your fish take a picture of it on your rigid measuring device.

  • The entire fish must be visible in the picture.

  • The scoring marks on the fish measuring device must be clear and visible in the picture.

  • The fish's nose should be on the 0 mark of your measuring device.

  • The 2021 tournament token should be clearly visible in the picture.

  • The fish should not be stretched, bent, or manipulated in any way to enhance the fish length.

Example of an eligible GoWild Bass Tournament image

2. Upload Your Image as Trophy in GoWild
Log your trophy in GoWild with length specified, photo included and lure tagged on your trophy. 

3. Enter as many bass catches as you like throughout the tournament to compete for the weekly and grand prizes.

Winners & Prizes

One weekly winner will be announced for the longest bass entered in the tournament for that week (Monday - Sunday). Trophies must be uploaded by Sunday, 11:59pm EDT to qualify for that week’s prizes. If there is a tie, the member with the second longest fish logged will be awarded the prize. Be sure to log all your catches during this time period.

Weekly winners will receive:

One Grand Prize Winner will be awarded at the end of the tournament for the total combined length of bass logged throughout the entirety of the tournament. If there is a tie, the member with the longest, single fish will be awarded the prize. Be sure to log all your catches during this time period.

The Grand Prize winner will receive:

Important Dates

  • Tournament Signup Begins: Monday, June 7, 2021

  • Tournament Starts: Monday June 14, 2021

  • Tournament Ends: Sunday, July 11, 2021

  • Weekly Winner 1 Announced : Monday, June 21st

  • Weekly Winner 2 Announced : Monday, June 28th

  • Weekly Winner 3 Announced : Tuesday, July 5th

  • Weekly Winner 4 Announced : Monday, July 12th

  • Grand Prize Winner Announced:  Monday, July 12th

GoWild has full discretion on all rules, fish measurement, fish submission, disqualification and final scoring. No exceptions. Each angler must have a proper fishing license and follow state rules and regulations. All fish must be measured, photographed, and logged as a trophy in GoWild. No chumming or other unsportsmanlike conduct. All contestants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, safety and conservation.

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