OPTIME Limited Edition Shirt

This item is no longer available for pre-order as of July 15th, 2019. 

Like your will to do what you love, this shirt will not falter. 

This shirt is inspired by a heroic moment of legend, when Roman centurion Marcus Furius Camillus called for senators to stand their ground: “Hic manebimus optime,” or “Here we will stay, most excellently!” 

Today these words live on as inspiration, to stand tall when challenges arise. Don’t run. Face adversity. And stay true to yourself. This shirt represents our own commitment to our hunting, fishing and outdoor lifestyle, and its contributions to conservation. The shirt was designed by GoWild Co-founder, Donovan Sears. 


This is a heathered grey shirt. It is a high-quality, poly-rich blended material with a single color screenprint. With a 65% polyester, 35% cotton blend, this shirt is perfect for your outdoor activities. It stays light and flexible, even when you're covered in sweat or in a light rain. 

Super Soft & Durable
We know you're not soft, but these shirts are. They're also durable—handling at least twice as many laundry runs before fading when compared to 100% cotton shirts. 

Fit: These are unisex shirts. This shirt fits fairly true to size, but it is a fashion/athletic cut. If you're in between sizes, go one size up.

Limited Run: All GoWild shirts are one-time runs, screened by hand in Louisville, Ky. These are works of art—not mass produced cotton commodities. Quantities are tight, especially in outlier sizes. Grab your limited edition shirt while you can.

 Free shipping on all shirt orders! 

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