Limited-Edition Restless Native Shirt


We're releasing an extremely limited-edition shirt for fans of the Restless Native podcast—or even just those who love awesome designs.

The Restless Native design is among our favorite for anything we've done. Handcrafted and hand-lettered, this logo tells a story. The longer you look at it, the more you'll see. From rattlesnakes to banjos to tales of life and death, this logo is like life—complex, beautiful and leaving you wanting more. 

Like a good story, this one stands out. The shirt is screen printed with gold metallic ink with white over a charcoal gray shirt. These shirts are expected to sell out much faster than anything we've done. In fact, we've ordered a fraction of our normal run. 

These are a 65% polyester, 35% cotton blend, this shirt is perfect for your outdoor activities. It stays light and flexible, even when you're covered in sweat or toughing it out in the rain.

We know you're not soft, but these shirts are. It's the first thing customers say when they pick up a GoWild t-shirt. They're also durable—handling at least twice as many laundry runs before fading when compared to 100% cotton shirts. The logo is double screen printed to ensure a high-quality graphic that looks great for years to come. 

Grab a Restless Native Decal, too. 

Fit: These shirts fit pretty true to size. It's more of a fashion/athletic cut shirt, so if you're in between sizes, go one size up.

Limited Run: This is a one-time run. Quantities are tight, especially in outlier sizes. 

 Free shipping on all shirt orders! 

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