Get Lost Field Notebook
Get Lost Field Notebook
Get Lost Field Notebook

Get Lost Field Notebook

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These custom Field Notebooks are ready to help you plan your journey or document it. Either way, each page is a blank canvas ready to capture your tale. 

These notebooks are handmade, perfect-bound and hand-stamped. The paper is 100% tree free, meaning it was made with agricultural byproducts such as leftover stalks. Each notebook includes 50 blank sheets (no lines), 20 pound weight. The covers are 110 pound cardstock kraft. 

Introducing the Get Lost Line

This is the second product in our new "Get Lost" products. Throughout this fall, we'll have a continuation of this theme, promoting the idea of wandering in the wild and losing the everyday distractions. Don't actually get lost, though. That'd be bad. See the Get Lost Squatch Hoodie.

Purchase Options

Books are available in single Get Lost Field Notebooks, or GoWild Notebook Bundles. The single Get Lost Field Notebook is the topographic map design. The Bundles include two more Notebooks, one stamped with the full GoWild logo, and the other stamped with the icon. Stamp ink is acid free, meaning it should last the lifetime of the product. 

Handmade, Handstamped

The Notebooks are handmade in Florida. Each Notebook is individually stamped by hand. Imperfections are part of the beauty. Accept it. Love it. 

All designs by GoWild Co-Founder, Donovan Sears. 

Each Get Lost Notebook Comes with a Personalized Note from a GoWild Co-Founder on Page 1. 

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