Working Hard to Catch Fish in Dry Conditions

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    Great job! My dog treed last night. Shot the old coon in the ear. It walked down the tree jumped out right into a hole. I let ole Max down but we still had a good time.

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    We used to hunt coon with a Mountain Cur that looked exactly like yours.👍🏻

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    @Tom this one is a Kemmer mtn cur. Most of them are line bred and look like him. This one still young and got a ways to go, but I’m liking what he is turning in to👍

  • Tom's avatar

    Awesome! Ours was started on squirrels as a pup and we hunted him with our Blackmouth cur then. Didn’t take him long to get on coon. Our Blackmouth died from cancer and our Mountain Cur would hunt after that. They were a great pair.

  • That Pup rides shotgun no box for him lol, I don’t blame him lol. Good job!

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    I don’t have a truck currently. Lol. I usually hunt within 15 minutes of my house. So they get to ride in the ol work commute car right now. 😄

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    @Stephen ⬆️

  • Joe's avatar

    @Jared As Long has your getting out and enjoying yourself. Watching your dogs develop that’s all that matters. My buddy ask me if I wanted to go coon Hunting. He showed up with his dog in the back seat feeding it a vanilla ice cream cone. Said he hunted better if he eat an ice cream before he went. I just died laughing. Damn dog was a treeing machine. 😂

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    @Joe 😆

  • @Joe He probably wouldn’t go hunting if he didn’t get his ice cream 🍦😁

  • @Jared I don’t blame you load’m up and go hunting lol, I have a big Heritage box, it’s a single stall and has a lot of room and my Dog will stretch out in it but that sucker is really heavy and it takes two people to load it, my Dog loads in it no problem, I bought a smaller two stall box from my Buddy and it’s a lot lighter and easier to load and my Dog hates that smaller box and won’t load up in it, I have to push her in the box lol. She’s hated the smaller box since the first time she rode in it lol.

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Jared H


I enjoy spending time and sharing experiences in the wild and show appreciation for what he created for us.

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