Win a Private Lesson with Jim Gilliland: Enter the Push Your Range Sweepstakes with Federal Premium

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    Full details of the sweepstakes:

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    .17 MHR

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    Ill second that 17 hmr

  • Dave's avatar

    100 grain broadheads

  • Dave's avatar

    @GoWild but is there anything in the rules saying we cant bushcraft anything?

  • Eric's avatar

    Based on the island in the picture, 12 gauge.

  • Logan's avatar

    Federal Grand Slam No. 6 shotshells

  • John's avatar

    Federal 3rd Degree 💥

  • Rachel's avatar

    My 410

  • Jeffrey's avatar

    20 gauge. Lite but affective.

  • Tarra's avatar

    20 gauge

  • Scot's avatar

    Federal Premium Varmint & Predator 17 grain V-Max 17 HMR

  • Craig's avatar

    22 magnum

  • Brad's avatar

    I’ll have to also say .17hmr. I’ve heard- through the grapevine— those things can pile up deer and Turkey- plus way too accurate to not have

  • John's avatar

    Yah, .17 hmr

  • Matthew's avatar

    22 mag

  • Kleen's avatar

    12 ga 00 Buck

  • Tom's avatar

    12 ga with 4 shot 3” magnums

  • Ken's avatar

    .222…oldie, but a good round.

  • Tyler's avatar

    .22magnum 💪💪

  • Darren's avatar

    .22 mag

  • CJ's avatar

    .22 would be my first option in this case.

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    6.5 creedmoore

  • Joshua's avatar

    12g 00 buck

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  • David's avatar


  • Dave's avatar

    20 gauge #6 steel shot

  • Mike's avatar

    .17 Remington Fireball

  • Zac's avatar

    My bow

  • Gregg's avatar

    My 244, dead accurate, old, but you can't beat it.

  • Kevin's avatar

    I'm taking a 22 magnum

  • John's avatar

    12GA pump.

  • Brian's avatar

    20 Guage 4 shot

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    .308 Winchester

  • Lee's avatar

    12 ga #4

  • PinBall's avatar

    .50 BMG

  • David's avatar

    .22 mag

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    For more entries into the sweepstakes just tap on #pushyourrange to find all the questions from our account. Comment on each one for another entry! We will be posting more questions until June 19.

  • Spencer's avatar

    12gauge round

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  • Joey's avatar

    17 hmr

  • Jeff's avatar

    Soft point. They always work!!

  • Daniel's avatar

    12ga, #7

  • Lee's avatar

    20 gauge

  • David's avatar

    12 gauge.

  • Nicholas's avatar

    Hm, maybe #6 shot?

  • Nick's avatar

    22 prolly

  • Jim's avatar

    22 mag hands down 👊👍🏻

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    22 long rifle shot placement is everything

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  • Michael's avatar

    .22 mag

  • Robert's avatar

    22 long rifle!

  • Sean's avatar

    .308 all day. Birds can be snared or trapped a different way. The .308 will work on just about any medium sized game out there, and is fairly accurate.

  • Albert's avatar

    12 gauge #4 buck

  • Matt's avatar

    .22 Long Rifle

  • Sarah's avatar

    22 mag

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  • Charlie's avatar

    .416 Rigby #PushYourRange

  • Rick's avatar

    12 gauge. Probably 6 shot shells. Great for small animals and birds like Waterfowl and rabbit also plenty of power for medium sized animals like groundhog and fox

  • Samuel's avatar

    12 gauge either 00 buck

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    #4 buck shot

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