Win a Precision-Crafted Blade: Enter the Outlier Knives Giveaway Now!

  • Arica's avatar

    The Fang looks badass and I could use it for a multitude of things.

  • Nicholas's avatar

    The Chico Diablo-X would be great for EDC and hunting!

  • Garrett's avatar

    Chico Diablo looks cool and as a cool name

  • Eric's avatar

    Pathseeker! This looks like a great all around tool to keep in any bag carried into the outdoors.

  • Scott's avatar

    The Chico Diablo-X looks like a good all around knife

  • Cj's avatar

    Knight fighter!

  • Jose's avatar

    Oh man the night fighter is sexy as can be 🫨🫨 let’s pray for my first giveaway win !

  • Brody's avatar

    Pathseeker! Looks like a great hunting knife

  • Coyote's avatar

    I like the Diablo-X

  • James's avatar

    Night fighter looks great

  • Kevin's avatar

    The Night Fighter looks awesome! Need a good skinning knife. New to the app I love it!

  • Nathan's avatar

    Night fighter or Diablo x

  • Mitchel's avatar

    Pathseeker looks is sick. It would be a great tool for hunting.

  • Dan's avatar

    Night Fighter all night long

  • Cody's avatar

    The Night Fighter looks like a perfect fit for my setup!

  • David's avatar

    The Night Fighter

  • Sam's avatar

    Got to go with the Night Fighter, got one as a gift for a friend at the ATL Blade show and it was hard to let go of.

  • Tee's avatar

    Fang! A friend got me a night fighter for my birthday. Love these!

  • David's avatar

    @David 🙏🙏🤞🤞

  • Kyle's avatar

    The fang v3 for sure!

  • Kleen's avatar

    I would enjoy the Fang V3. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none and I could see myself using this everyday

  • Jeremiah's avatar

    I would love the knight fighter I’ve been looking at ever since go wild partnered with them!!

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Garrett agreed!

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Jose 🙏

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Kevin glad to have ya!

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Sam you’re a heck of a friend.

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Tee that would be a great collection.

  • Joshua's avatar

    Knight fighter

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Kleen somehow we knew you’d like this giveaway 🤣

  • Joshua's avatar

    Night fighter

  • Bourbon &'s avatar

    The Chico Diablo X looks amazing.

  • Spencer's avatar

    Can I get the path seeker it’s looks like it’s high quality and I don’t have a knife for hunting or anything it looks like a sort of survival knife and that would really help me out for this hunting like getting through brush and gutting deer and all animals!

  • JR's avatar

    Id love to get my hands on the night fighter

  • James's avatar

    The Chico Diablo x would be one awesome knife to process deer with this year! Amazing looking knives!

  • Tyler's avatar

    Path seeker!!

  • Wayne's avatar

    Night fighter would make the perfect piece to fill out my pack. Love to put that beauty to work on a few deer this season!

  • Tom's avatar

    Chico Diablo X.

  • Jesse's avatar

    The night fighter looks to be the one for me!

  • Ice Fishing's avatar

    I think I’d go with the Pathseeker — the bright handle would (hopefully) prevent me from leaving it at the base of the tree.

  • Stephen's avatar

    The night fighter looks awesome! I would love to win one! Thanks for the chance Outlier Knife Co.!

  • Cam's avatar

    I would love to have the Chico Diablo-X

  • Jeff's avatar

    The Chico Diablo-X is sweet looking.

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Ice that’s never fun.

  • James's avatar

    Night Fighter would be awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Malachi's avatar

    They all look great it would be a hard choice but I feel like it would be between Night Fighter or pathseeker maybe even the Chico Diablo-X but like I said they all look like amazing knives

  • Aidan's avatar

    The Diablo-X looks badass!

  • Andrew's avatar

    I’m into the Night Fighter! Looks pretty versatile!

  • Legend's avatar

    The path seeker look very cool!

  • David's avatar

    Definitely the Chico Diablo-X! Good versatile blade..

  • Ethan's avatar

    The Night Fighter looks pretty sweet!

  • Craig's avatar

    All day this thing is sweet

  • Joey's avatar

    Chico Diablo-X

  • Jessop's avatar

    Chico Diablo-x seems like a nice edc

  • PinBall's avatar

    The Chico Diablo-X would be awesome to own. And it has a cool name, so it is a double doink

  • Larry's avatar

    Definitely the Pathseeker!!!! Looks like a very versatile and functional knife!!!

  • Darrin's avatar

    I.would like the diablo-

  • Paul's avatar

    Night Fighter

  • Robert's avatar

    Night fighter... sweet blade

  • Ben's avatar

    Chico Diablo X, i would love that!

  • Eini's avatar

    Night Fighter

  • Mike's avatar

    Pathseeker looks like a great addition to one’s backpack

  • Caleb's avatar

    Definitely Chico Diablo X

  • Anthony's avatar

    I’m fond of the night fighter myself

  • GoWild's avatar

    @PinBall double doink! 😂

  • GoWild's avatar

    Get your selections in! We are pulling a winner at random around noon EST today!

  • Wayne's avatar

    @GoWild your killing me with the anticipation!

  • David's avatar

    @GoWild Great way to get us all worked up on Friday!! (..Patience is not in my skill set…lol…)

  • Colter's avatar

    Fang V3 looks like a good 2 knife

  • Arica's avatar

    @David @Wayne

  • Arica's avatar

    @David @Wayne

  • Arica's avatar

    @David @Wayne mwahahaa!

  • Wayne's avatar

    @Arica they are about to make my whole weekend......or crush it one or the other....come on @GoWild just make it stoooopppp!

  • Aron's avatar

    Outlier knife co. Fang v3

  • Jordan's avatar

    Night Fighter, seems like a good knife to have on hand.

  • GoWild's avatar

    And the winner is 🥁🥁🥁 @Bourbon !! Congratulations we will be sending you a DM on how to claim your prize! Thanks everyone for playing and thanks to @Outlier for providing this awesome giveaway to our members!!!

  • Eli's avatar

    Chico Diablo-x 🔥🔥🔥

  • April's avatar

    Would love to win the Night Fighter & put it to use!

  • Outlier's avatar

    @GoWild We are happy to do it!

  • PinBall's avatar

    Congrats @Bourbon

  • Nathan's avatar


  • Wayne's avatar

    Congrat @Bourbon

  • Nick's avatar

    Night fighter

  • Alex's avatar

    I think that Night Fighter looks really cool

  • Jeff's avatar

    Chico Diablo-X!!

  • Mark's avatar

    The path seeker

  • Haelee's avatar

    Night fighter looks super nice!!

  • Allen's avatar


  • Rachael's avatar

    Chico Diablo-X

  • Jeff's avatar

    Would love add the Chico Diablo-X to my edc.

  • David's avatar

    Chico Diablo-X

  • Max's avatar


  • Adam's avatar

    Id love to have the Pathseeker

  • Bourbon &'s avatar

    @GoWild thank you so much!

  • Isaac's avatar

    Outlier Knife Co. Chico Diablo-x, looks a a good knife, and would be easy to skin with

  • Chuck's avatar

    Chico diabloX just for the name

  • Bryton's avatar

    Fang v3

  • George's avatar

    Night fighter or Chico Diablo x would be awesome

  • VJ's avatar

    Outlier knife Co. night fighter

  • Big Matt's avatar

    I’d take any of them. Man I’d love a new EDC but this time a fixed blade.

  • Big Matt's avatar

    The night fighter or Fang. Love me a new EDC fixed blade

  • Big Matt's avatar

    When do I collect my winnings 😂

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