Will a black bow color spook deer?

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    They may have just felt something wasn’t right.

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    It won't have been it man. More likely they got a scent or a sound from aomwthinf near by

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    @Hunter maybe, I’m telling ya man these big ole does are smarter than bucks sometimes I believe

  • Hunter's avatar

    @Billy there not a doubt in my mind they are!

  • Ferg's avatar

    It just takes one to jump and the others follow suit.

  • Marc's avatar

    I seriously doubt that it was a black bow that spooked them. It could’ve been something unrelated to you.

  • Billy's avatar

    I wouldn’t think it would have been my bow but it had me wondering

  • CJ's avatar

    Could have been exposed off the tree and the sky.

  • Billy's avatar

    @CJ now that I’m thinking about it , my back pack is bulky and was sticking out from the side of the tree and I bet she got that

  • Jonah's avatar

    If the wind was not very strong then it could have swirled and gone down to them. Or if they walked past your ground scent. I think those are much more likely than your bow

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Billy J


Love hunting critters and enjoying Gods creation!!!

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