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    Sure have

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    My wife gave me his whole collection years ago. All signed

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    The colonel has a wonderful way of looking at the world. Enjoy.

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    @Thomas Awesome!

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    @Mark Wife of the year!

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    @Mark Thank ya!

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    @T Sure does and thank you!

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Wicked N


The spark for Wicked North began with Bobby’s native curiosity and countless hours tinkering in the shop to yield a better outdoor experience. And with Bobby and Lindsay at the helm and their respective strengths, Wicked North has evolved into a growing lifestyle brand with premium merchandise and innovative, clever, “I wish I’d thought of that” gear. The logo and brand name were inspired by the acres of white pines that surround Bobby’s shop and the extreme (some call it wicked) region he hails from and land he has navigated from day one. “In less than a year, we’ve built this amazing, growing community of adrenaline-seeking outdoor enthusiasts who really identify with what we’re doing,” Bobby reflects. “And it’s not just in the midwest either. We’re shipping packages out to all corners of the US and just as frequently to our neighbors to the north as well. We couldn’t be more grateful for the people, the experience and the adventure of the past year. Excited to see what comes next.”

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