When to Take Your Kids Hunting: Tips and Advice for a Memorable Experience

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    Whenever they start showing interest! Don’t be afraid to take the time to make a hunt about them. Remember, they’ve never been so don’t focus on trying to hunt as much as just spending time with them. 👊🏻

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    I’m with Brad. I started mine at 3 cause they wanted to go. I don’t push it on them but I take them when they want to go

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    Mine started tagging along at around 3. Our oldest turns 7 this week and last fall was the first time that he saw a deer shot. My wife took a doe behind our house 🏹 I’ve taken him turkey & rabbit hunting as well. So far rabbit hunting is his favorite. He also loves to fish. Our middle son is 4 & he likes turkey hunting the best so far. As far as what I do when I have them hunting along with me, I always try to have snacks. If they have had enough and are over it, I’ll leave the hunt when they are done. I don’t want to burn them out at a young age. So, if I take them with me, I go prepared to leave early & just try and make it fun for them. So, far it seems to be working out okay. They seem to look forward to it & it’s beyond awesome having one of your kiddos with you in the woods!

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    Started mine out in a ground blind with plenty of snacks and room for them to lay down and nap if they wanted, also took a little cooking stove and fixed some easy meals that they could help with. Made their experience a memorable one.

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    My boys started tagging along when they were 3 - 3 1/2 the rule was to be potty trained and u can go hunting 🤪 we would take a sleeping bag and snacks, they’d usually fall asleep! Now at 8 my middle sons harvested a dozen deer and Turkey! My 5 year old is working at getting his first turkey this spring! As long as they show interest, teach them to love it like you do!

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    Thanks y’all I appreciate the advice !

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