What's The Best Saddle Hunting System?

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  • Sean's avatar

    I’m runnning the Tethrd Lockdown Saddle, a one-stick I made using a Hawk Helium Stick and the Hawk Helium Small Platform. I added a Harken Cam Cleat and amsteel rope to the stick, along with a Backwoods Mobile Gear three step aider. Then to add to my ability to move around the entire tree I use the Hawk Monkey Bars as a ring of steps. I switched the strap out for one with a mechanical binder. That allows me to tighten them to the tree where they don’t budge, never could do that with the provided strap.

  • @Sean thanks! This is the kind of info I’m looking for. Everyone I talked to that really likes their setup has modified and mixed pieces of gear from various manufacturers. Just looking for ideas from folks to cut down on the time I spend doing that if there are some glaringly obvious things that should just be avoided. But I understand it’s all going to be personal and subjective.

  • Sean's avatar

    @Whiskey if you decide to go the one stick method, I really recommend the cam cleat and amsteel rope. I used the provided cam strap that came with the stick, which worked, just not well. There is a lot of tinkering for sure. I like one sticking not because of the weight reduction, but it is way faster to rappel out of the tree. I imagine the Tethrd DynaLoc on their Skeletor and One Sticks could work as well.

  • Mike's avatar

    Tethrd might be a bit more than some other brands, but I can’t imagine the others lasting any longer. @Sean has some great info there that I agree with

  • John's avatar

    Me and one of my friends both run tethrd phantoms and we both love saddle hunting but we both hate the tethrd phantoms. I mean they cpuld be good to someone but if youre over 6' tall they slice into the middle of your ass. My next saddle will be a method 2 or a venatic. Honestly they only reason tethrd saddles are popular is because of advertising. My old arborist set up is more comfortable for long sits than the tethrd which is disappointing af. Even their "new saddle" isnt made for height.. its made for fat..

  • @Mike thanks Mike! Tethrd definitely seems to be the biggest name in the game!

  • @Mike thanks! Tethrd definitely seems to be the big name in the game.

  • @John thanks for the insight. I’m just under 6’ but I’ve heard similar complaints from other folks. Lots to consider for sure!!

  • Brent's avatar

    I’m running the tethrd phantom saddle with the XL platform. I’m using the 11mm ropes with 2 rope ascenders. For sticks I using the hawk helium double step folding sticks and have an aider.

  • @Brent my buddy runs a similar setup and really likes it.

  • Justin's avatar

    I tried to do a good write up explaining why I chose each of the things I chose but actually ran out of space in the comment lol! So short and sweet it is 🤣 feel free to reach out if you have any questions on something specific because I’ve been hunting from a saddle for about 7 years now and have worked with as much gear as I could get my hands on to compare and contrast before ultimately deciding on what I went with! My current set up is a regular tethrd phantom, 3 - 6” climbing sticks (info in GoWild profile gear section), and then 5 squirrel steps on a strap with an ocb buckle. I went this route for a lot of different reasons but one of the bigger was that the whole set up ends up being a little over 9 pounds with minimal bulk so it really fits the niche for me personally running and gunning public here in PA. Good luck to you getting deeper into the rabbit hole! 🤣

  • @Justin 😂 must of had lots to say! I really appreciate the effort and response. Public land hunts and out of state hunts are the big motivators for me finally making the dive into saddle hunting. I appreciate your insight and I’ll check out your gear section and reach out if I have specific questions. Thanks again!

  • Justin's avatar

    @Whiskey hahaha yea I just wanted a to explain as much I could like single panel vs two panel and then pros and cons on the different big saddles on the market etc etc it’s long winded but to give good thorough info that’s the only way I guess. And no problem good luck! The climbing method and aiders I basically built all myself so that’s most likely not realistic to mess with if you’re just getting into it. Regular climbing sticks are probably the most user friendly for starting out and if you go that route I’d say the xop x2’s are probably the best value for your money. If you watch for a sale or dig for a coupon code you can the 4 pack of those for around $150, only thing I’d swap out is the buckles on them for daisy chains and they’d be ready to roll.

  • Luke's avatar

    I have a trophy line and absolutely love it. Very comfortable and affordable. I’m on my 2nd season with it and have zero complaints.

  • Luke's avatar

    And I run hawk helium 20” steps

  • Craig's avatar

    Tx5 Rayder saddle with tethrd lineman and tether rope, 3 hawk helium sticks with a 2 step aider at the bottom. With the trophyline edp.

  • Collin's avatar

    I run a latitude outdoors method 2 with tethrd skeletons, and a trophyline EDP platform. I started out with a tehrd predator platform but if you have bigger boots it is a little small and hard to turn around completely. I love the method 2 saddle. I did a ton of research before buying a saddle and decided a 2 panel was the say to go. The tethrd skeletons were proce friendly for ehat I was looking for and I have no complaints about them. I can get about 25 feet out of them with a home made aider on the bottom step. The EDP platform is great so far, I do wish that the tilt adjustment was easier to change once it's set but overall it's a solid platform and I won't be going back to the tethrd predator.

  • @Collin thanks! I’ll have to check out the method 2 for sure!

  • Bradley's avatar

    I threw caution to wind this year and upgraded my setup.... I enjoyed every minute of research and time spent using the equipment.... is it necessary or make me a better hunter NOPE but it is nice:)

    Current setup:
    Saddle: Timber Ninja Black Belt Ultimate
    Sticks: 4 Tether One Sticks Stealth Striped
    Aider : Testing Hunt Arsenal Maxx Lite & GC-One 3 step from Backwoods
    Platform: Hunt Arsenal RZR Magnum

  • Zack's avatar

    @John I’m 5’9” and 140lbs.. and this is my third season with the phantom.. it is extremely uncomfortable for me too. Same deal, slices the middle of my ass lol. Three of my buddies just got the method 2 and they all said it’s extremely comfortable. It will be my next saddle.

  • John's avatar

    @Zack i feel it. Its either gunna be the method or a venatic for my next one

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