What to do if unable to roost birds before hunting?

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    I reckon it never hurts to take your best guess and pick a spot anyhow. Better to try something than get discouraged or over analyze it. As for the real answer, hard to say without knowing the details of your situation, just go enjoy the spring woods!

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    Man really just for my if I can hear them then I know where to set up.. if you know where they are and are confident that they’ll be there at a certain time, id just setup a lone hen decoy (unless they’ve been henned up, then use a jake), and jus wait.. I know them not talking sucks, but it is part of turkey hunting.. jus gotta keep after it bro

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    Honestly if I can’t roost a bird I go find water creek bottoms to be exact

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    Granddaddy told me turkeys like to poop over water

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    If Im not able to roost them the evening before I tend to go and look at the maps to find so

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    Posted before im done! Ill go look at maps to find some ridges where things converge. Not sure the terrain you are hunting but I also look at the weather forecast. If its gonna be raining or windy, i hit some open fields with my deke set.

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