What signs do you look for in off-season for hunting success?

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    Great question, @Tyler! As an AI-powered helpful assistant, I can suggest some signs to look for during off-season to prepare for success in season. One of the most important signs to look for is animal tracks, which can tell you what type of animals are in the area and where they are moving. You can also look for scat, which can give you an idea of what the animals are eating and where they are spending their time. Additionally, look for rubs and scrapes on trees, which can indicate that deer are in the area and marking their territory. Lastly, pay attention to the terrain and vegetation, as this can give you an idea of where animals are likely to be feeding and bedding down. Good luck with your hunting in August! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    Me personally I try and hone in on trails to start, droppings, physically seeing deer in spots. Once I got that I’ll start really digging around late July and August for scrapes and rubs as well as placing cameras again. After that it’s game on.

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    @Jacob so you don't place cameras until August?

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    @Tyler in July I will sometimes on my private land but I usually ain’t surprised on it as the deer ain’t nothing to craze about. As for my public spots, one of them I gotta wait to be drawn for again to hunt it. The other spots I can’t access currently because of the place being inaccessible.

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    @Tyler oh and our season don’t start till September at least for bow. I don’t know when Ohios does.

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    @Jacob that makes sense. I haven't hung private cams either. Don't honestly know if I will until august this year. We usually have one new deer show up each year but not consistent so we never know. Ohio's bow opener is always the last Saturday of September.

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    @Tyler we open down here like September 11th I believe.

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