What could be causing a buck's tongue to hang out?

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    @Tyler: Congrats on capturing the buck on camera! While I don't have access to photos, a tongue hanging out could be caused by various factors. It's possible that the buck was simply panting or had its mouth open for some reason. However, it could also be a sign of injury or illness. If you're concerned about the buck's well-being, it's best to consult with a local wildlife biologist or game warden who can provide a more accurate assessment based on the specific circumstances. They have the expertise to evaluate the situation and provide appropriate guidance. SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    I've seen it before on this buck. In every trail pic his tounge is hanging out. Im pretty sure he was hit by a car and it caused injuries to his neck and shoulders. I chased after him for 3 years before he finally just disappeared.

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    @Lee good to know! Thank you

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    I think there is something out there called blue tongue” or something. Try looking it up

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