What broad heads are you using for hunting?

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    @Ian: For this hunting season, I would recommend trying out the Slick Trick Magnum Broadheads - 4 pk. These broadheads are super-short fixed blade broadheads designed to rival the flight and cutting diameter of mechanical heads. With a low profile design that can handle the speeds of high-performance bows, they are a great choice for accurate and effective shots. The blade thickness is .035" and the cutting diameter is 1 1/8". Give them a try and let me know how they work for you! Happy hunting! 🏹🦌 SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

  • Sean's avatar

    Primarily Iron Will 150 Grain Single Bevel

  • John's avatar

    Still testing for the moose hunt - G5 Montec’s and VPA at 125 gr and have 2 test arrows (complete builds) en route from Valkyrie archery. All fixed blades (sticking with the same setup for Whitetail and bear once I settle in).

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    I forgot I got four deer last year. My largest buck to date and a Nice doe with the Iron Will Single Bevels and two does with a Sevr Rubusto (150 Grain Head)

  • Ian's avatar

    @John awesome thank you!

  • Ian's avatar

    @Sean wow badass! So I looks like a great investment! I see he’s making arrows to match his broad heads! Congratulations on some great looking deer!

  • Jeff's avatar

    Grim reapers 100 grain

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    @Ian Thank you! I’ve done good with G5 Montecs (original and M3) as well. I shot Rages for a long time and did really well with them, but started to experience some issues or performances (while it did kill the deer) I wasn’t liking. So I made the switch to primarily fixed blades.

  • Rachel's avatar

    Muzzy 4 blade 100 Grain

  • Ian's avatar

    @Sean I’ve been using nap killzone for past few years I like them. I’ve really been looking at the iron will though, I did start out with 3 blade muzzy when I was a kid!

  • Billy's avatar

    I’m shootin tuffhead single bevels this year

  • A.T's avatar

    G5 megameat 100gr, look gimmicky but I’ve never lost anything that I’ve landed one on, with the original deadmeat

  • Casey's avatar

    Crimson talon cleavers 125gr

  • Chris's avatar

    NAP thunderhead 125

  • Rowdy's avatar

    Grave digger blood sports.

  • Brian's avatar

    Tuffhead evolution single bevel 150gr and Tooth of the Arrow 4 blade 150gr. I’ll be hunting elk and whitetail. Doing some testing on both to decide which I like better

  • Anthony's avatar

    I'm using muzzy trocars again this season

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