What are the pros and cons of saddle hunting and which saddle is recommended?

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    I’m personally a big fan. Going on my 3rd year doing it. Shot my first archery buck out of one last year. Pros: mobility, comfort, 360 shot angles and it’s quiet. Con: learning curve. It does take a little practice to figure it out. Some brands to checkout are @Timber @Trophyline @Tethrd @Latitude if you have any questions let me know.

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    @Brayden solid work dude 👌

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    I archery hunted with saddles (tethrd, sanctuary) exclusively in 2020/21. Went back to Lone Wolf Custom .75 in 2022, with a rock climbing style safety harness (think straps of a saddle w/out fabric seat, but still allows you to swing out for behind tree shots like saddle.

    Made the change back for two reasons:
    1) there are trees that are damn near impossible to shoot out of and swing around with a saddle, where sitting on the front side is the only viable option. White pine, scrub type stuff near/in swamps.

    2. I caught myself moving more in a saddle (pressure points, swaying from boredom). There is much more fiddle factor with them. With a hang on, I just didn't move as much. That is a me problem, and my not be yours.

    That being said, I did use a saddle for '22 rifle season and think it is the only way to go with a gun as you can sit back much further, use maybe 1-2 sticks with aiders to get high enough for greater visibility AND use the tree to steady the rifle.

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    Personally I won't ever use a climber again, I have taken down all my platform stands except for a couple for my kids. The saddle changed my hunting style completely, I can venture farther into public, it's quieter to set up ( with some practice ), and for me it's way more comfortable, I would recommend finding some place that allows you to try them on to find out which you prefer you may want one that sits higher or lower on your waist than the next guy, either way you go practice practice practice can't say that enough, since I've been hunting in a saddle now my son daughter and 3 friends have all made the switch. Try some out and hope it works out for you, Safe hunting...

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