What are some tips for hunting without using trail cameras?

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    I recommend putting corn out by the camera to see what is animals are there and put cameras in open areas

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    Since you aren’t using camera’s just go back to the basics. If I’m just hunting deer and not a buck I hunt fresh deer crap. One thing is for sure if there’s lots of fresh deer crap they frequent there and are comfortable there. I look for acorns fresh deer crap and lots of trails. Can’t go wrong that way

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    Put some on different trails and see what you see.

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    Spend time in the woods! Let the deer dictate where you hunt! Scope more than you hunt & hunt the fresh sign!

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    Plenty of deer were killed yearly without all the modern technology, including trail cameras. Fall back on the basics. Look for first sign such as droppings and tracks. Pay attention to the direction of travel paying attention to food and water sources including seasonal mass that will deplete soon after seasons start and other seasonal mass such as acorn trees. This will help you figure out travel routes to or from bedding areas to/from food sources. I quit using trail cameras over ten years ago and I do not bait with corn. I find it more satisfying to get back to the roots of hunting and I tag out almost every year in 2 different states. Good luck. Learn to think like the quarry you are after.

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    Just use the basics. Signs of browse, natural funnels, water, access without spoking the deer,natural trails, And sunlight cover (deer use shade as natural cover when moving in high light areas)

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    @Tag spooking*

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    Learn the training and find where they go

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    I like scouting right after a rain. It helps with seeing fresh tracks and you can get an idea of how big the heard is by following the tracks for a bit. You'll see other connecting trails, possibly even bedding areas.

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