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  • David's avatar

    Building maintenance for a local school district.

  • Kenneth's avatar

    Im a carpenter/ everything else ,for our local school system. That pic is very familiar to me. 😎

  • Nathan's avatar

    I work in mental health.

  • Chad_'s avatar

    @Nathan oh nice! I see youre in kansas, my girlfriend is a traveling psych nurse here in kansas

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Chad_ that’s awesome! Whereish in KS are you?

  • Chad_'s avatar

    Im from NW ks right on the border of colorado but i am currently working in south central

  • Chad_'s avatar

    @Nathan NW ks by CO but im currently working in SC ks

  • Chad_'s avatar

    @Nathan judging by your pictures id guess youre from the western half as well?

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Chad_ actually I’m NE KS, Manhattan area.

  • Chad_'s avatar

    Oh i gotcha! Pretty country up there!

  • Daniel's avatar

    I'm in the army. Thankfully I got stationed very close to home so when I get off work I can head straight to the woods I grew up hunting. I might miss formation from time to time come turkey season.

  • Chad_'s avatar

    @Daniel my dad was airforce! I grew up hunting in the archery deer hunting program on bade at joint base MDL

  • Dave's avatar

    Rebar fabricator for 39 years

  • Dave's avatar

    @Daniel thank you for your service

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Chad_ it’s pretty great. Lots of good public land.

  • Darren's avatar

    I install commercial kitchens and bicker with construction superintendents😆

  • I’m an assistant pastor/youth pastor but most of what I do is maintenance and construction on the property. Jack of a trades. Not an expert in anything.

  • Logan's avatar

    I work for my families commercial construction contractor company. I have done what your doing there many times. Have done a little of everything… been a super, punch list guy, hang doors and hard ware, roof, demo, drywall, concrete, install windows, most of what I do is frame and side for them though as I’m one of there framing Foreman. @Daniel thank you for your service.

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I live and breathe hunting, fishing, and the outdoors! follow my Instagram for more! @chad_martinek_outdoors

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