Waterproofing Gear for Rainstorms

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  • Troy's avatar

    Nothing better than a pack cover for waterproofing. Wr used them in the Army and my gear was always dry. I use them today as well. There are some available at camping and hiking suppliers.

  • Will's avatar

    I know it’s a bit much to carry, but the Muddy tree umbrella works real nice

  • Sarah's avatar

    I have the post for one installed on a couple of my favorite rainstorm trees. But when it’s coming down sideways or running down the tree the hook for the pack is on, still pouring the bag out after. @Will

  • Will's avatar

    @Sarah I hear you, I’m not familiar with many waterproof packs... good luck!

  • Sarah's avatar

    @Troy that is a great idea for the really nutty rain days! Think I will pick one up for the worst of days! Still want to get the bag a little more resistant for the light surprise shower days too though.

  • Sarah's avatar

    @William Long will check it out, thank you!

  • Corey's avatar

    I treat all my gear (pack/cover/gaiters/hat) with 3M waterproofing spray. It needs re-done often but it works very well. I also spray the cloth portions of my boots and my tent and fly. It has no odor when it’s dry and doesn’t add any weight. Just my 2¢

  • Turbo's avatar

    I use scotch guard on everything, it worked great for years in my hunting.... no scent too!!! Try it out, old school tip!!!

  • Matt's avatar

    My badlands pack is water proof I think. I've never had anything get wet in it yet.Not sure what model it is though.

  • Kyle's avatar

    Best bet is to just get a backpack rain fly

  • Cody's avatar

    I have a Rockagator waterproof backpack that I use when it's really rainy. It's the kind where you roll down the top and secure it, and it's so water and airtight that it floats when done up correctly. I use it in Southeast Alaska where it rains almost everyday and it keeps my gear completely dry. They have a camo one. I highly recommend it!

  • Adam D's avatar

    No advice but it took me WAY to long to figure out what was going on in this picture.

  • Sarah's avatar

    @Adam haha treestand nestled into a high split tree... super comfy and provides a foot rest and nice accessible work station. Was a useless spot last year but crops changed and I have a actively hit scape happening under it this year.

  • Paul's avatar

    Just something to consider if you haven’t already........it doesn’t take much rain to wash away a blood trail.....I get the value in being on stand right as it stops raining because that’s a magical time to be on stand.... so now I try to time it just right so I’m not “riding out the monsoon”, but rather just getting on stand as it’s ending

  • Dave's avatar

    @Paul hoping okay to cut in on Sarah’s post but I find that magical moment when the sun pops out after a brief down pour impossible to predict, I’ve been lucky twice to be in stand during this and harvested both times. 👊🏼👊🏼

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Sarah B


Live to hunt! Failed chick school, rather be in the woods! Coyote is my main all year round game. 😁 Bowhunting whitetail is my peace. 😍 And the gobblers are my nemisis! 🤨 Just when you think you have it all figured out the woods will provide the humility, never. done. learning.

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