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  • Justin's avatar

    Subject matter of ppl im assuming means in natural state so definitely 2nd pic. Shows all types of stuff. Love, mortality, pain just to start. But the 3rd pic is the best overall in my opinion. U cant get more straight to the heart than a soldier, any soldier

  • Cam's avatar

    Second photo for sure!

  • Linda's avatar

    @Justin the first photo is natural except I took the background out, as I did in the second photo. The first is my husband and grandson sleeping on his shoulder, and the second picture is my parents, the third is a Civil War reenactment soldier, and I took a cement road wall from behind him.

  • Linda's avatar

    @Justin BTW, thanks for your input!

  • David's avatar

    All the photos are awesome but I'd probably go with the first photo. Partial to grandkids.

  • Linda's avatar

    @🍂🍁Stacy I have to ask again, thanks!

  • Brian's avatar

    Second one, to me it shows love can last forever.

  • Linda's avatar

    @Brian, that's a strong reason. Thank you!

  • Scotty's avatar

    1. Hits me hard. Father of three girls, I know they will be apart of me till my last breath and would give anything for them. 2. Also heavy, been with my wife for 9 years married 7. I’ve recently lost a lot of mentors and loved ones, older folks. And seeing a marriage of 30-50 years broken by loss is incredibly powerful and humbling in the realization that we are not here forever. 3. I respect more than I can put into words. Men and women I know that have served and many more i don’t have given more than I can produce in this world and we as Americans owe them more than they receive. I thank every uniformed and previously served member when I get the chance and always try to have a conversation.

  • Duck's avatar

    #1 🦆

  • Justin's avatar

    @Linda your welcome.

  • Chris's avatar

    I like the 3rd best since it’s got the background and feels like a full picture

  • Laney's avatar

    I think the first one

  • Butch's avatar


  • Jim's avatar


  • Todd's avatar


  • Nathan's avatar

    Third. The first two are sweet moments, but I think the third has a better overall composition.

  • Michael's avatar

    Wow! Love this. So many different emotions in each photo! These are great!!!!

  • Michael's avatar

    I personally like the 3rd best

  • Scott's avatar

    I’m no photographer but I’d go with third, the background in 1st and 2nd make them look staged and the lighting looks unnatural

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    The photo of your parents is inspirational. We live in a disposable society. Capturing the love of this man and woman demonstrates just how that love can transcend time. That one has my vote!

  • Linda's avatar

    @Gobbler of course that is an emotional pick for me as their daughter. So it is affirming that others see what I do in that photo . Thanks

  • 3rd. it’s most natural . The first two feel like they are missing a backdrop

  • Linda's avatar

    @🍂🍁Stacy they are because they were cluttered and distracting. I didn't know what else to do.

  • Michael's avatar

    @Linda maybe it's the black background throwing them off. Try white, green, or sky blue maybe

  • Linda's avatar

    Thanks, good suggestion!

  • Bruce's avatar


  • @Linda can you blur it ?

  • Michael's avatar

    I like them all! But #2

  • Linda's avatar

    @🍂🍁Stacy I don't know how to blur just the background, and frankly there's so much color in it, it might just look tie dyed.

  • Justin's avatar

    I think the lak

  • Justin's avatar

    Sorry. Fat fingers. I think the lack of a backdrop on them forces focus on the subject matter. I think a backdrop would make it look stagged and busy

  • Alan's avatar

    I pick number one. Grandkids are the best

  • John's avatar

    I like #1 & 2 because of the family ties. I lean more to #1 though. Because it reminds me of my 3 year old after a hard day of playing when he’s just so tired that it doesn’t matter as long as he’s in your arms he feels safe and can rest the most peaceful rest that warms my heart every time! Kiddos are so special & that picture makes me want to shed a tear because I know that it goes by way to fast. There is nothing like the unconditional love of your children at that age!

  • Linda's avatar

    Yes, there is nothing like holding them in your arms and knowing that total trust. ( I wonder if God feels like that when we trust him. . .)

  • John's avatar

    @Linda can’t help but think that’s a good comparison!

  • Joseph's avatar

    They’re all great pictures. I vote for #3

  • Alex's avatar

    Between #2 and #3 both of them they are really emotional! I’ll take #2

  • Linda's avatar

    @Alex thanks, that is my emotional favorite too, and probably the one I'm entering.

  • Dave's avatar


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