Vintage Weaver Scope on Marlin 336: Sight-In Session Coming Up!

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    Looks good, I’m wanting a Marlin 30-30 myself, I’ve got a Winchester Model 94 30-30 but it ejects from the top and I want one that ejects from the side so I can put a Scope on it.

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    @Stephen a 336 would last you a lifetime. I highly recommend them

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    @Noah I hunt with a 30-06 but I like a 30-30 to, I killed my first Deer with a Model 94 Winchester 30-30.

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    @Noah I love those old Weavers. My dad had a K4 on his m700 .308 that my brother has now, and I've bought a K4 and a K6 for my Ruger .44 carbine and my Rem 788 .30-30 bolt. Don't get me wrong, modern optics with parallax adjustments and target turrets have their place, but sometimes the simplicity of the old stuff that just WORKS can't be beat. The fact it was great-Grandpa's makes it 10x better!

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    @Matt my great grandpa had it on his .30-06 that was his main gun. My dad got the scope from him and we’ve used it on a Marlin 39A for about 20 years. When I got the gun I asked him if I could use it for my rifle and he gladly agreed. It’s a nice heirloom and I look forward to many more years with it

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