Using Rope Scrapes for Inventory: Young Bucks Return After Bear Incident

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    Awesome post. I used to use rope over my scrapes all the time and it worked real well. I quit because I was worried it would stand out to other hunters and draw attention to my trail cam. But I’ve been reconsidering whether the pros outweigh the cons.

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    @Wes I try to use them in thick areas outside of bedding. Somewhere it pinches down like an old logging road. It helps hide it a little bit. It blends in decent in this area because of all the grape vines as well. Pretty fortunate they grow so heavy around here.

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    @Jordan that makes sense. I’ll probably go back to using them. Even though I was concerned, I never had a camera that seemed to be bothered because the rope tipped off someone. As we get in to August I’ll be moving most all my cameras to scrapes on the edge of or near bedding areas.

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    @Wes sounds like you’re on the right track to knock a good one down and I hope you do. Yeah, I don’t think I could stop running the rope scrape. I enjoy the pictures I get from them too much. I guess if cameras started going missing I would quit

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Jordan T

West Virginia

Just enjoying the outdoors and wild and wonderful WV. Bow hunting, native trout fishing, bass fishing, camping, and hiking. Working with young people and the outdoors is my passion. Started mature whitetail hunting 6 years ago and I am addicted.

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