Using Domesticated Dogs as Decoys for Coyote Hunting: Worth a Try with Mr. Illuminati?

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    I saw a YouTube video a couple years back where 2 dogs were used in doing the very thing you're talking about.
    I hope if someone is on here that does that very thing, can share their knowledge on the type of dogs that are the best fit for such a thing. Mr. Illuminate certainly wouldn't want to go out and then not be able to pull it off, if ya know what I mean.
    This would be a good question to "ask the community," so everyone can see it. I'm curious what others would say

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    @Lisa I'm definitely little curious if anyone has used a pitbull for anything other than hog hunting, wouldn't really use mine tho, he isn't very patient and would probably try to save me a bullet and go after the coyotes himself

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    It’s called dogging coyotes. A dog is seen as an invader to be chased off. The dog is sent out to get the attention of a coyote and when it does the dog is called back and the coyote follows. I taught my pit bull Chyna to return with lip squeaks in planning for her to be a coyote hunting dog. Her plans was to be very afraid of loud noises 🤣. I figured the best sound to get her to return is the same sound used while coyote hunting. I’m sure there’s lots of videos on this on YouTube for you to watch and learn from.

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    You can search YouTube for coyote decoy dog videos as well. I’m sure some will come up.

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    @Coyote I did, it was very interesting probably gonna watch some more, makes me wish I had spent more time training mine to be more than an early doorbell

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Chris Z


Stopped hunting and fishing as a teen, got too involved with work and marriage, now I'm back and ready to make up for lost time and adventure. Father, Husband, remade Outdoorsman, and Blue Collar 5am Riser

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