Using Cellular Trail Cameras: A Game Changer or Cheating?

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    There is no cell service where I hunt so I don’t have the option but I get the conflict for sure.

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    I get the conflict too. So much so that I haven’t pulled the trigger on buying a new set of cameras that I need. But it got you in the woods when you needed to be, and in this crazy world we live in, you gotta do what works. Congrats on the nice buck, be proud of it. You still had to put a cam in the right spot along with a stand, so it didn’t go without effort!

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    Well if u think cell cams work best for u go ahead and use them if u want. Personally I use just plain old cams. And just for fun and excitement don't even put those at some of my hunting properties.

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    By the way awsome buck congrats 👍👍👍

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    Awesome buck! Do what feels right. At the end of the day. If it’s legal, it doesn’t matter what other people think. It matters how you feel about your hunt. If you aren’t too proud of your process then switch it up. If you feel fine with it. More power to you. Again, great buck!

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    I feel this way at times. A dude I look up to as a hunter a lot is Zach Ferenbaugh and he is wholeheartedly against trail cameras all together. I heard him talk about this very thing on a podcast. It made me think hard about the subject because I regularly use both cell and normal cams. I decided that since I don’t hunt for a living all day every day and I’m still not an amazing hunter it’s ok for me to lean on cams (even cell cams) to help make my sits more viable. I’ve learned buckets from cams and they lead me to shooting my first buck this year. Shooting my first buck was a giant learning experience that likely wouldn’t have happened for a long time if I was solely relying on my hunting instincts because my instincts are only 2 years old lol.

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    Congrats on your buck too!!

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    It’s an ethical tool for us to use in our hunting arsenal. Just because you have cameras, doesn’t make you a great hunter. You still have to hunt the right wind, enter and exit correctly, control your scent, movement and when the time is right make a great shot! A hunter only has so many hunting seasons, take advantage of them and congratulations on your buck! 👍

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    If it wasn't meant to be, the buck wouldn't have came by... that's my opinion and I'm 51 and hunted since 4 or 5 years old.

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    So I've struggled with that the last few years as everybody else seems to have switched to cell cams and hunting exactly how your killed this buck and while I won't condemn it because it's still legal there is no getting around the fact that real time intel does give hunters an almost unfair advantage over the deer...people's excuse is they don't have time to scout and cell cameras are the only way they can efficiently hunt but that's exactly what I'm trying to say is that if cell cameras got banned a lot of guys wouldn't know how to hunt I said not trying to bash anybody as it's obviously legal but at what point is it no longer fair chase??? In my opinion that happens when technology is used to replace woodsmanship skills and you no longer need to be able to read from the sign exactly what a deer is the end it all comes down to personal choice and what you want out of the experience...congratulations on a beautiful buck as well👊👊

  • I am 6 hours from my spot and they are really handy. I only have them send me pics 1 or 2 times a day. That way I only know after the fact. Unless I am hunting hogs then it is at each detection. I feel your question though it does feel like that with deer to me as well.

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    Congratulations. Look at it like I'm trying to do. If you leave the camera out during the off season you can also come up with management practices to help your wildlife as well so even though you may feel like you're cheating you can also help tremendously

  • They are awesome! I haven’t harvested any with one yet, but it’s always exciting to get a notification on the pics. When you don’t get to get out but on a few hunts they are great!

  • @Mason exactly 👊

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    I know people who do and people who don't! It's all up to you and what is right for the time that you have. Personally I don't have any game cams because I like to do the legwork myself, am I against, will I ever use them I am not sure. As of right now I can usually make time to do scouting through the different seasons, but not everyone is able to do that. Personally I also like the challenge and it feels more rewarding to me to have hours of hard work pay off!

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    when you have a wife, kids, pets, house, livestock, cars, Job, or anything else thats keeps you out of the woods for daily hunting and scouting I say use it. Its just doing the job you would have done if you would have been able to scout yourself.

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    With the technology available today every hunter has to draw their own line. It sounds like you’ve already answered your own question. “BUT part of it feels like cheating for some reason.” I enjoy looking at trail camera photos. Using them as a hunting tool to pattern a deer is not my thing.

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    We use them more so to see what quality we have than to pattern them. Much easier to make the split second decision to shoot or not if you what your options are.

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