Upgrading my AR-15: LMT 10.5 with Superlative Arms Piston System and YHM Turbo K

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    One fine looking gun! I’m looking to get a high quality AR-15. I’ve got more then a couple AR10’s. I have the Ruger 556 that my department had, I bought one to train with. Since buying it I think I’ve removed almost everything Ruger on it! I’m one of the carbine armorers for the department and man we have had some issues. How do you like the LMT? Been going between that or a Daniel Defense, possibly something else.

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    My LMT is the smoothest cycling AR I have. I would not hesitate to buy another or a DD. They are sweet! I’ve been to a lot of suppressor shoots where DD has been well represented. LMT I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the cost and products you end up with having slight blems on them. If you look at it as a tool who cares but when the price is high blem free is expected. They are working to fix the issue from what I’ve seen but I still would not hesitate to buy LMT again.

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    @James ⬆️

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