Upgrade Your Spring Turkey Hunts with These Top-Rated Turkey Vests

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    @Mike or @Brad might be able to help here. Good luck in the hunt Zach, welcome to GoWild

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    I have an alps turkey vest that I’m looking forward to using this year!

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    Definitely looks like the top of the line, has some mixed reviews but I like the built in kick stand. Any other recommendations out there?

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    Decent price and well organized

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    There’s a lot of good ones out there. Just make sure the one you choose has shell loops to hold your ammo in place. I bought a new one last year that doesn’t and it’s really a inconvenience.

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    I really like the vest with a stadium seat built in. Hunted with a Bucklick Creek for 15+ years til it wore out. Bought the Primos version last year Has great back cushion and hand warmer pockets. Alpz has a good looking one I saw at the convention. Midway USA has them on sale for $65.00 right now. Can’t beat that for a top drawer vest. Hope you have a wonderful season.

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    I'm considering the Badlands turkey vest. Welcome to GoWild.

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    I was gonna ask this question too, @Zach I’m glad you did. Thanks @Brad and @Mike - gonna Save those you my wishlist.

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Zach H


I enjoy any hunting opportunity I can find and always up for something new. I fish, but only when there isn’t a hunting season open and am by no means a fisherman. Any excuse to get outdoors is a good one. And when I’m not out hunting or fishing, I’m out on my motorcycle

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