Unveiling the Legacy of Ohio's Buckeye Big Buck Club: 21,000 Bucks and Counting

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Sean S


Sean is an avid archer. Whether chasing whitetails in Ohio, elk in Colorado, hogs in Texas, or hitting a 3D course, Sean spends every moment he can with his bow. After finding himself unemployed in 2020, his passion for the outdoors and archery led him to start the Kountryfried Outdoor Productions YouTube channel. The channel is a passion project featuring Sean and two of his closest friends, Josh Davis and Sammy Dunlap. Follow Sean and the rest of Kountryfried Outdoors with the links below 👇 Chasing Your Experience Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/1WriSJEwEJnvRCHFIrdLwj?si=Iy3lUwspT06-sQ0UQo2y1w Kountryfried on YouTube: https://youtube.com/@KountryfriedOutdoorProductions?si=0PJabbSOK5qRjH3a Kountryfried on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kountryfriedoutdoors?igsh=bWVxMGs5d2x1Y2wx&utm_source=qr

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