Unforgettable First Hog Hunt at Wildwood Texas Hog Hunts

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  • rifle
  • 141 lbs
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    land type
  • 80
    distance (yards)
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    Congrats! Thats a really cool color scheme on him.

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    @Christian I was going to shoulder mount her but she had a busted up nose.

  • Christian's avatar

    @Beau That just means you get to go back out and find another. Any excuse to hunt!

  • Beau's avatar

    @Christian I shot another one after this one. A nice black boar. 194lbs. He’s going on the wall!

  • Christian's avatar

    Nice I just took a 200 pounder this weekend my largest by far. I’ve got the skull in my backyard letting Mother Nature do her thing.

  • Beau's avatar

    @Christian Nice! They are fun to hunt! Much tastier then what everyone has been saying too!

  • Christian's avatar

    They’re great eating smoke low n slow to Mexican pastime

  • Christian's avatar

    They’re great eating, smoke low and slow or I’ve made pozole, sausage, etc all kinds of possibilities.

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Beau L

South Dakota

Hunter, fisher, trapper from South Dakota. I didn’t grow up hunting but am learning on my own and as I go. Loving this life.

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