Unexpected Gobbler in Turkey Woods: Praising God for the Surprise Harvest

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  • Ben's avatar

    Congratulations! Nice bird!

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  • Tyler's avatar

    Yes sir. Congratulations. God is good!

  • Brian's avatar

    Way to go, congratulations! 👊

  • Mark's avatar

    Click-click-BOOM!!! Nice Wade!!!

  • Wade's avatar

    @Mark thanks uncle mark. I need to come shoot a rio

  • Mark's avatar

    Those are south of us about four hours and has a cost. Let’s plan it next spring. We’ll get David involved. He shot one down there a couple of years ago.

  • Wade's avatar

    @Mark is there not any public land?

  • Rick's avatar

    Great job! Good looking bird!

  • Mark's avatar

    @Wade Not down there. East Texas has public but no birds. It’s not the same here as it is in MS. Nothing like.

  • Wade's avatar

    @Mark I’ve got buddies that go somewhere on public in Texas and kill birds every year. I’ll find out where

  • Craig's avatar

    I heard a bird this morning tree yelping, I believe had to be a gobbler but he never gobbled. Trying to wait patiently for the Georgia opener. Congrats on you bird!

  • Ricky's avatar

    Great bird, congratulations 🦃

  • Benita's avatar

    That's a really good looking turkey, great job...👍🏼

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