Turkey's Super Sight: UVA Vision

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  • Jeep's avatar

    Thanx for the info n e more information on them I'm trying ta get my first with my son this season here in Florida

  • Brad's avatar

    Awesome share!

  • Cade's avatar

    Thanks for the great info

  • Kevin's avatar

    Good information but even with all that eyesight like most guys they become blind when it comes to the ladies 😂🤣👍

  • Gerald's avatar

    Wow they sure will see you! Makes it impressive when someone's able to stalk up close enough for a shot

  • Dawson's avatar

    Awesome information! Thanks for sharing!

  • Scott's avatar

    Excellent share. I agree @Kevin lol

  • Kenneth's avatar

    On top of excellent vision. They have equal ability for pin pointing where you are as soon as you call, so be ready

  • Bobby's avatar

    I didn’t know they can see UV. This is my first year trying to shoot one.

  • Loren's avatar

    Great info! That’s really amazing how the animals that we enjoy taking every year are actually so much better equipped then we will ever really be able to be!

  • Kevin's avatar

    It makes fanning up to a turkey all the more fun. I can only imagine what goes through their head when the fan drops!!!

  • Barry's avatar

    When I took the turkey course, the instructor said they can see a pin drop, I had a hen at about 40 yards away from me , I thought about what he said and just for fun I started to raise my gun from my lap and before I got it to my shoulder the hen started running away, I thought they really do have eyes in the back of there head, just thought I’d share that little story

  • Stuart's avatar

    Great info. I appreciate it a lot.

  • Brandon's avatar

    I was once told by an “old timer” that a turkey can read the newspaper at 100yds! That about sums it up.

  • Alan's avatar

    This is why I frown on using blinds. If you take away pretty much their only defense what chance do they have more often than not.

  • Steve's avatar

    How can I share your info from this page.

  • Trevor's avatar

    Solid info right there! Ghillie suit season for me! 2 weeks to go!!! 🦃🍁

  • Adam D's avatar

    @Barry ah, man, I've told this story 100 times, lol. I was hunting under an old cedar tree one time with branches that hung down in front of you and nearly touched the ground in places. I had a creek lined with brush and shrubs in front of me at about 15 yards and a ridge behind that. The creek was in a little ditch so it was lower than I was. Anyhow I saw a long beard headed my direction down the ridge, he would have to drop into the creek bottom, behind the brush, to pop out into the field behind me. I waited for him to drop into the creek bottom and raised my shotgun waiting for him to come out and I never saw that turkey again lol.

  • cam's avatar

    Thx for shedding some light on this

  • Bowga's avatar

    @Jesse good luck and let us know how you did!

  • Bowga's avatar

    @Brad 👍👍👍

  • Bowga's avatar

    @Kenneth that’s why turkey hunting is so fun!

  • Bowga's avatar

    @Bobby good luck man! Let us know how you do

  • Bowga's avatar

    @Kevin “peekaboo!”

  • Bowga's avatar

    @Stuart happy to be helpful! Good luck this season

  • Bowga's avatar

    @Adam Ha! Better luck this season 🤙

  • Bowga's avatar

    @Trevor good luck brother!

  • Bowga's avatar

    @Steve Not sure how to do it from this app! You can share the info from our website blog if you’d like, there’s a version there with even more info.

  • Steve's avatar

    I went to your website and copied the article. Thanks

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