Turkey Hunting: Creek Spot?

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    I know turkeys like to roost over creeks. So probably.

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    Good luck

  • Hudson's avatar

    @Drew thanks

  • Drew's avatar

    @Hudson honestly should be good I hunt bluff county here in wisconsin and always noticed they want to get to those ridges to hear better

  • Hudson's avatar

    Aight thanks

  • Amos's avatar

    Good luck! Creeks seem pretty good in general but every spot is different.

  • Hudson's avatar

    @Amos thanks for advise

  • Amos's avatar

    @Hudson camo looks 👌🏻

  • Brad's avatar

    Creeks are a great roost spot. They may or may not be there for long, that all just depends.

  • T's avatar

    @Hudson one of the first things I want to know about a turkey spot is what kind of water source is there. I usually start there and move out into the surrounding terrain when scouting. Good luck!

  • Ben's avatar

    I always prefer to start at a high point and listen. If there is a bird to work, I try to call him up to me. If he does something different, I try to figure out where he is going and try to get ahead of him.

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