Turkey Hunting: Best Boots?

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    I have used a pair of Boggs for a while now. Comfortable and all rubber so water proof. I have hiked in them and they have worked well so far.

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    They are pricy but I have crispi boots. They are great! The sole is very stiff and help from getting tired and the laponies made by crispi are great and light!

  • John's avatar

    Another thing about crispi boots is they have a ankle save system that has saved my ankles from rolling and spraining many times!

  • Will's avatar

    Do you need something with insulation?

  • Tucker's avatar

    @Will no insulation

  • Guy's avatar

    I use crispi Nevada boots. I hunt in the west. I’m sure a step lower on heavy duty scale would work for ya. I also wear them on the range at work because the support is amazing. No fatigue.

  • Cameron's avatar

    Kenetrek mountain extreme boots all day, every day, without reluctance, without regrets, without injured ankles, with the best grip, the best comfort, tough as nails, goes the long distance, will not flop, will not fail. Worth the price and keeps you in the woods more.

  • Zach's avatar

    I wear muck

  • Bryan's avatar

    @Tucker I really like my Danner Alsea. Waterproof, comfortable, pretty light weight for a hunting boot.

  • Kyle's avatar

    I have the uninsulated version of these and put on 40 miles hunting North Dakota and they were great. Strayed dry and were super comfortable, for a cabela boot they are great.

  • William's avatar

    I have pair of bass pro snake boot there light have zipper side on them live them

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    @Kyle how well does that lacing system hold up versus conventional laces?

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Tobin I have the regular laces but I hear the boa system is awesome.

  • Ethan's avatar

    Crispi is the way to go

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