Tucker's Successful Sx3 Hunt

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  • Tom's avatar

    I’m impressed with the awesome artwork. You need to print those up and market em. 😜.

  • Tucker's avatar

    @Tom that’s called too cheap to buy targets

  • Tom's avatar

    Not cheap.....thrifty 🀣🀣

  • Lisa's avatar

    Hi Tucker....thanks for the recent visit to my profile.....how has the turkey hunting going? Looks like you were warming up here. I agree with fabulous Tom, that was thrifty! I like stepping away from traditional stuff and getting creative. Don't have to buy fancy anything, to enjoy our hobbies.😁 I shot my arrows at all sorts of targets, from 2 liter caps, tennos balls, to even a sea shell.lol I personally think your next πŸ¦ƒdrawing, needs to have his tongue hanging out. Maybe I'll draw one and show ya. Lol

  • Lisa's avatar

    THERE!! I did that just for you! Lol. You can print it, get the Crayola's out, and have another target for your next practice session! (I crack myself up! I may even post this myself, first time drawing a πŸ¦ƒ, and under 5 minutes 😜

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