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  • Eli's avatar

    That is a tough one looks like a 4.5 yr old deer so he should put at least another 15-20 inches on next year yet

  • Tucker's avatar

    @Eli I think the same. Only problem is the public hunting ground about a half mile down the road. He’ll never make it through our gun season

  • Eli's avatar

    @Tucker in that case I would hunt him because hes a giant already and if you have heavy hunter pressure he might not be there next year

  • Spikes's avatar

    Really depends on you. If you want to take a very good buck for the joy of it then nothing wrong with this one but if you have harvested a buck or bucks similar in size and want bigger better than you roll the dices giving him another year. I do believe in letting them age but I enjoy the joy of the experience too. That’s why I never judge what someone decides to take. Your choice my friend.

  • Jacob's avatar

    I would smoke him. For me if it’s a decent looking buck over 3.5 years old, and gives me a good opportunity, game on.

  • Casi's avatar

    I would take him! He’s a nice buck! He has a good mass to him and looking very healthy!

  • William's avatar

    Depends on weath fill the wall or freezer horn soup take wile cook that what my grandpa wood said

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Eli That’s lots of inches in a year

  • David's avatar

    If public land is that close I’d take him personally. I’ve been in the same predicament with a nice 3 1/2 year old ten point. I’d love to let him go another year but my property is surrounded by people who shoot anything legal so I know he’ll never make it once he starts chasing does.

  • Chuck's avatar

    I would have a hard time letting him walk based on the genetics on our ranch. Especially with public land close by. Good deer.

  • Anthony's avatar

    Brother all I have to hunt on is public land. I deal with moving about 3 times a day due to Public land and the traffic of people I totally get what your saying. But the way I look at it is nothing in life is guaranteed. If anything let that boy spread his seed and populate this year then take him when his heads down to the ground searching for more does especially if your 🏹hunting

  • Bradford's avatar

    He looks to be a 4.5 year old. Having high hunting pressure in his range could make it tough for him to make it until next year. Honestly though, he’s made it this far. Imagine what he’ll look like next year when you take him then? No judgement from me here. I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you couldn’t wait. Good luck!🦌👍🏻

  • Debi's avatar

    I would take him if he is close to public land. Beautiful three year old

  • Chris's avatar

    Send it.

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