Trout Fishing on Cherokee Indian Reservation: Bagging 10 Rainbows for the Freezer

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Rainbow Trout

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    You did fantastic!

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    You did fantastic! I miss going to the Indian Reservations out West. So pretty in most areas! Well done on giving to your father-in-law too

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    That’s a good day man 😎

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    @Ferg yes sir

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Dave Henson thanks man how have you been how'd the healing coming along

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    I'm all banged up my self I flipped my quad yesterday at a atv park and twisted my knee pretty good and for all days to be hurr I start my new welding job tomorrow lol I finished school and now time to put that schooling to good use

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    @Lisa yes ma'am it's very pretty out there but my wife's resavation was beautiful also she's out in California my sons and wife's Indian resavation there both native Americans they have tribal IDs but my daughter is not but they all love and care for her as if she was

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    @Dave Henson yes sir i got it and answered you back.

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Ronnie D


I’m a avid hunter and fisherman I hunt Squirrels rabbits deer and turkey I am a happily married man with wonderful kids just got my daughter her first deer a few seasons ago my wife and kids are my everything I love them all deeply

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