Troubleshooting Tips for Connecting a Tactacam Solo Hunter to WiFi

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    I saw this happening to several people who reviewed this item.

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    I think that’s how the back caps are supposed to be I always have to use a knife to open and close mine . Now when I first got mine it toke me a while to figure it out . I’d first make sure you got app download then go to your wifi settings on your phone . Now when you turn the camera on it automatically starts recording so you’ll have to click the button to get it to stop recording . Now this becomes the fun part. It says to click and hold the button for 3 seconds soon as you get to the 3 second mark let go really quickly if you hold it to long it’ll shut off. It’ll take a couple try’s to get it . I always go 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi 3 and let go . I just pulled mine out and it toke me a second to do it . Wanted to make sure I gave you the right info. I hope this helps. Let me know if this helps . Good luck

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    @Craig I finally got it to work. On the cap there's a "switch" I guess you could call it. And it also has a lock/unlock. If I move that one to unlock it seems to make everything work. Is that supposed to be how it works? 🤔

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    Yea I thought that’s what you was talking about was hard because mine always seems to stick and I have to use my pocket knife to lock and unlock the cap

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    No I ment twisting it to get it off. But does that little switch lock the camera or something?

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