Troubleshooting Camera Lock Jams: Tips for Long-Lasting Solutions

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    If it’s just froze, try to rubber band a couple handwarmers too it, then circle back in 30 min. And it should be thawed enough to unlock.

  • Steven's avatar

    @Brad despite the snow on the ground its not very cold here past few days definitely not frozen but I have had to use that trick before 😂

  • Caleb's avatar

    I’ve always used PB Blaster if you’ve never tried that. Used it on guns, locks, everything!

  • Greg's avatar

    Use graphite instead of oil based. I think it’s called lock lube. Promise this will solve your problem.

  • p's avatar

    I use vasaline because it beads off the water and keeps inside lubed up. Hasnt fail me for many years.

  • Steven's avatar

    @Chad that makes alot of sense Im going to habe to do that

  • Glen's avatar

    Yeah I would use something that is thicker like marine axel grease force that down in the mechanism in key slot and hasp hole

  • Coyote's avatar

    Too bad I’m not close. I’d come pick it.

  • Steven's avatar

    @Coyote thats a skill that im sure comes in handy more than one would expect

  • Coyote's avatar

    @Steven just used it yesterday, my exes neighbor locked herself out. Took me 15 seconds to pick the lock and get her back in.

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