Troubleshooting Bow Sight Alignment Issue: Serving Separation Impact?

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    Has your string and cables stretched? How old are they?

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    Sounds like you could use a new string. ..afterwards, when it's 100% set up you can mark end by the strings and cables to see easily if they're off.

  • Jeffrey's avatar

    @Coyote I have been going two years on cables and string before I replace them. I did shoot a lot more this past year. They are only a year old. I am going to have new put on. Thanks for the advice.

  • Jeffrey's avatar

    @Casey definitely going to change out for new . Thanks for the feedback.

  • Casey's avatar

    @Jeffrey I use a grease pencil and mark a line with the string across the cam & it's a easy eyeball to keep track of any stretch.

  • Sean's avatar

    Serving separation will change where your arrow is nocked. It can be slight, but just slightly is enough to change your point of impact. John Dudley has a good video explaining it. Depending on what brand of strings you have, most have a warranty to replace them if you experience premature serving separation. I would also double check tune. If your tune is out, start with your timing. If that is good, then work with nock height or rest height.

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    Definitely like Sean said, the center serve separation will change the nocking point and change your shot point. I don’t know your bow or equipment so strings would be best evaluated by you and or your bow shop. But for sure you should get a new center serve at least. Also, just noticing. A lot of shops and guys recommend when tying in the D loop to offset your knots (1 knot left and 1 knot right) trying not to put them on the same side. Just a recommendation that may or may not help.

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    @Sean thanks

  • Jeffrey's avatar

    @Brad thanks

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