Troubleshooting Bow Accuracy: 3-5 Inches to the Right at 20 Yards

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    Did you set your sights with your quiver on your bow? Shooting with your quiver on your bow can cause a right handed person to shoot to the right or a left handed person to the left due to the extra weight of the quiver

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    @Wade I think I set them after the quiver was on. Thanks though.

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    If it changes at different distances, then you might want to paper tune your bow.

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    Based on the picture of your group, my guess is the sight got bumped somehow…. I would make sure all the screws on the sight are snug and then resight in and if you run into this problem again in the near future a couple things you could try is (1) get in the habit of checking the level on your sight, if it has one, as your starting to aim and make sure that your bow is level vertically, if you don’t do that already (2) if you feel like you are punching the trigger which is a mild form of target panic, you could do some exercises at point blank range and practice squeezing the trigger instead of punching the trigger… if you feel like your dealing with target panic Levi Morgan and I’m sure some other big archers have videos on youtube about it, but I would try sighting it in again first…. Hopefully this is somewhat helpful

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    @Kaleb I’ll try it, thank you

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    @Jason it goes a couple inches farther to the right when I get farther out. I’ll try paper tuning though. Thank you

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    @Noah👍🏼 guy's gave you some good advice... From there just focus on a good follow through....sometimes groups can float to the side as you try to sneak a look at the arrow placement on the target..blank bale in a garage (or something) is a great way to work on muscle memory in bad weather.🎯

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