Trouble Tracking: Lost Arrow and No Blood Trail After a Challenging Crossbow Shot

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    Good luck. It’s a gut wrenching feeling. Keep searching and hope you find her

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    Chest cavity may have to fill up before you see any amount of blood if you shot off the ground it may take a bit before you find blood I shot one off the ground this year he only went 40 yards and fell over but never found a drop of blood don’t give up yet you’ll find her

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    I was checking in to make a similar comment, Joseph explained it best. My brother did similar 2 years ago, shot from a tree stand at 25, it never punched through. Blood was pinkish at times, ever hunt and track is and

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    Sorry that send button is NOT a return button. Every hunt and track is an education, stay with me, one entrance hold, add running, which adds oxygen /air to the blood coming out, making it pink and foamy. We tracked this buck for a mile plus, up and parallel to terrain, till no blood and no deer. The buck recovered, we saw him chasing doe weeks later. Don’t give up but be encouraged that if you don’t find him, GOD made deer adaptable and tough, a desire to live and breed. It happens, we are human, don’t beat yourself up too much but learn from it and whack the next one.

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