Triple Trophy: A Rainy Hunt

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Whitetail Buck

  • rifle
  • 190 lbs
  • 80
    body length (in)
  • 7
    antler tines
  • public
    land type
  • 60
    distance (yards)
  • Dan's avatar

    Sounds like a great hunt on PA public. Job well done being patient. Congrats!

  • Wes's avatar

    Congratulations on a nice buck. Good luck in your pursuit of a triple trophy. You’re well on your way!

  • David's avatar

    Great story on how you got him. Patience and perseverance. Congratulations!🦌👍👊

  • Brian's avatar

    He's a good one for sure, congratulations! 👊👍

  • Mike's avatar

    Pa mountain buck congrats buddy

  • Zach's avatar

    Way to go man!

  • Jake's avatar

    Rhododendron? This here is Pennsylvania, we say mountain laurel hahaha

  • Wendell's avatar

    @Jake lol yea it looks kinda like Laurel but way bigger bushes. I hunt alot of areas with laurel.

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Wendell H


Christian. Husband. Dad of two kids. Love spending time in God's creation and enjoy the adventures that each hunt brings.

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