Defying Society's Limits

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  • Tom's avatar

    And you said “I do show her how to drag….. a deer out of the woods”. Beautiful job teaching her young.

  • Todd's avatar

    Wow! What freaks are out there!

  • Mike's avatar

    Travis , if you are doing it wrong than I am to apparently. My 5 year old daughter just shot her 1st deer Christmas Eve. She learned how to track and clean the deer and all the work involved. After all that she wants to go more. All I can say is my daughter will be prepared when this world goes to crap. The Lord will return and before he does , times will be tough. Only those who believe in his name will have a chance. As parents we must prepare our kids to survive and trust that the lord will provide. Kudos to you man and how you are preparing your daughter. Let the rest hate, just know that there are other on this earth that have your back!

  • Travis's avatar

    @Tom I so wish I had thought of that! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Travis's avatar

    @Todd this lady just continued to harass and slander me via messages long after I stopped responding. She said I was raising the next generation of school shooters, to which I replied that my kids are homeschooled. I could not figure out why she kept wanting to bring up drag shows since none of my posts or photos had absolutely anything to do with any of that kind of nonsense.

  • Travis's avatar

    @Mike thanks, I appreciate the encouragement. Good job to you as well, and I completely agree! This country is heading down a terrible path and it is concerning what the future will be like for them in another 10-15 years. What is the craziest is that this lady kept saying “I am a Christian and accepting of everybody”, but then proceeded to say that my lifestyle is wrong but her choice to expose her kids to a drag show is superior to mine. There are some seriously deceived and mislead folks out there…

  • John's avatar

    @Travis the nerve of some people still astounds me…. Keep on keeping on sir! Your doin a fine job and dont let anyone tell you different

  • Dustin's avatar

    Amen, brother! Same here. I have two daughters raised that way (in Commiefornia no less!). I had to get off all other social media outlets due to the extreme hatred for our lifestyle. Raise ‘em right! 👊🏻

  • Todd's avatar

    @Travis sorry that you found a bona fide psycho! This is why the Go Wild app was built!

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YouTube - TN Outdoors Fanatic Chemical Engineer by day... father, husband, farmer, outdoorsman, and conservationist always. Desire is to educate others about hunting, fishing, conservation, and pass along this lifestyle I enjoy to the next generation. Fourth Arrow Camera Arms Field Staff Instagram @TNfishingfanatic

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